Don't just play mp3 files- mix them with PCDJ!

Visiosonic PCDJ now gives you a dual player with DJ mixing capability.

• Organizes and plays MP3s on your PC
• Dual player can play 2 tracks at once
• Mix between them with cross fade and pitch controls
• Free lifetime updates

PCDJ automatically organizes all your MP3 files into the record case, and lets you set up subgroups by artist, by genre, or whatever you want! Why just play MP3 files - when you can mix them?

PCDJ is the best way to kick it with digital audio. Set it up for auto play and it will automatically cross-fade between tracks - very smooth.

Professional DJs say:

IceT says "It's so easy, anyone can do it."

DJ PJ says "It's a dream come true!"

DJ Big Al says "...punks out the alternative players."

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East Coast

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For Windows 95 / 98

Visiosonic's products were created by professional DJs, for professional DJs, and the new PCDJ allows everyone to sound like a professional DJ.

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