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 This is Chante'!

 Jimi Bruce

Editor's note: As part of our expanding coverage Jimi Bruce our freshman writer takes an inside look at the girl behind the high energy club music at Dangerous Curves gogo club.

Jb: I'm here with DJ Chante'! How are you?!

Chant: I'm doin alright, how 'bout yourself? 

Jb: Good. Good to talk to you, good to see you again. It seems like yesterday, but  we had a number of months go by, the century's changed, we were all busy n' stuff, Djin, & having a good time; we don't get to see each other as much as we  SHOULD...

Chant: I put in a lot of hours during the week trying to just validate myself as a DJ... 

Jb: You're a workaholic, is what I know! (smiles) 

Chant: (laughs) 

Jb: Reader, this is the hardest workin dj that I know. Female, male, or whoever. This girl's workin a lot! An that means you LOVE it. I saw that energy in you when I Met you at the Expo. Runnin around, flying around all over the place. So it's no wonder...

Chant: Yeah, just trying to get into the better places. Better income, less hours, so I can relax a little bit. 

Jb: Where are you Djing right now? 

Chant: right now I'm in Philadelphia at Dangerous Curves gentlemen's club, and also at Charlie's Dream which is an adult, b.y.o.b.b, all nude type place.

Jb: And you do what?... I'm Head DJ at Charlie's Dream, and I'm just another DJ at Dangerous Curves; But ya know it's a good experience, it's really professional and gives me the opportunity to experience what real people and working with rules is like, and structure.

Jb: You're always working; so what are your days at these places?

Chant: At the gentlemen's club since I'm fairly new at Djing in gentlemen's clubs (like I've only been Djing a year and a half), I basically get day work, and working your way up the' get there through hard work...At Charlie's Dream they solely have DJs at night so it's strictly night work and it's really a good time because that's when everybody's out to have a , just a blast. They're looking for fun, so it's a good deal.

Jb: So you enjoy that. I know as a disc jockey myself, I like to see people out there having fun...

Chant: oh, absolutely, and the ladies are alotta fun to work with, so you've got something always going on.

Jb: As a female DJ, playing for naked ladies and a whole bunch of lustful guys in a bar/club environment, having only been doing it for a little while, how do you feel about that?

Chant: I've been doin it about three years Djing. Um, I did about 5 years bartending and I danced for about 5 years, so I have a full feel of the entire bar in my opinion cause I get to deal with the dancers and find out some feedback from the guys through the dancers directly, and you can SEE when they're having a good time.

Jb: So you like it? 

Chant: Oh my God, I LOVE it; it's a great atmosphere! 

Jb: Do you get a good response from the gentlemen, and do they ever come up to your booth with props? Or do the ladies tell you?

Chant: The ladies tell me that they are my biggest fans, and alotta guys actually make the trip up to the DJ booth to tell me that they appreciate a woman's voice on the mic and they think it's very sexy and it's just, you know, a nice change from that "RAH, RAH, RAH" gentlemen's club DJ. And it's just breakin some stereotypes

and opening up new areas because I'm not pumping high-energy for a lunch crowd, we're pumping sexy stimulation for your (mind) through the mic and (they're) lookin at beautiful women, so you want nothing more than that.

Jb: Well I'm looking at a beautiful woman right now, and I must say you DO sound hot on the mic! 

Chant: Oh thank you very much! 

Jb: Are you from Philadelphia originally? 

Chant: I was born just outside of Philadelphia. My father was in the military, so we moved around until I hit late teenage years, but we stayed in Philly after that and it was good times; a great place to be.

Jb: I have to visit Dangerous Curves, cause that sounds like an intriguing 


Chant: Absolutely. Look forward to seeing you there.

Jb: Were you always into music, like as a little girl, or is this something that just happened for you?

Chant: I think I'm just a show-off and if they're gonna give me a mic, my God, why not just do it, ya know! I get to run the whole show; I'm a little bit of a control addict and, it's just a good place to be back there behind the whole party just keepin' it MOVIN. It just feels good.

Jb: You've gotta be pretty organized to feel that... 

Chant: Oh yeah, maybe neurotic or somethin (laughs). (I've got) lotza little piles, I know where everything is; it's interesting. 

Jb: Most DJs have one or several "DJ Moments" that they gave their best performances somewhere, at some party, for somebody, for whatever. Do you have any of these to share?

Chant: Just when I find out that a particular lady can't get to the stage, and I have to find out who's next available for the stage, and what do they wanna hear, an' how do I talk on the mic, find the music, get it loaded in, while I'm getting her attention to get up to the stage and keeping it all running smoothly, and that...;just to do that; nobody else thinks it's, ya know, nobody else even notices. But if they don't notice me that means I'm doin it right, so that's cool too.

Jb: see...; that's what I call "the Octopus Phase"...;every DJ has the Octopus phase where you gotta have about eight arms to coordinate what's happening when you have an emergency like that, ya know?

Chant: (laughs) Yeah, a lotta organization and um, a big system you're runnin. I've trained a few DJs and they say, "wow, if I do it THIS way, I cant screw UP!" It's just systematic, and it's a good thing, ya know...;

Jb: Chante`, have you ever experienced any negativity, grief, or jealousy for being a female DJ in that environment? 

Chant: I don't think jealousy or grief. However, I don't feel there's enough open opportunity for me because it's a different feel when you're in the Bar and alotta club owners aren't really ready for it, and nobody REALLY, really likes change; it's a gradual process. So I think people are coming around. I've only been at tit three years so, you know, 'gonna take a little more time.

Jb: You've got a good sense of humor I've noticed since I've known you. So you seem like you might be able to deflect any criticism you might encounter on that superficial level like that anyway.

Chant: Everytime I wanna complain about what's happenin to me, I try to give somebody a compliment, and if that gets me through the day, ya know, I'm not looking like a schmuck to everybody for complainin all day so...;...;

Jb: Are you from a big family? 

Chant: just me and my mom. 

Jb: What makes you so outgoing; where do you ge that from? 

Chant: Oh, I was an "army brat" , so movin' around all the time, an I got to be Miss Personality, fit in real quick because we might not move for another eleven months...;

Jb: I could see you doin, like if there was a war goin on, like Vietnam or somethin', I could see you goin overseas to entertain the troops...;

Chant: I don't know about that (laughs), maybe. I've got this thing about all guy crowds. 

Jb: What about "all guy crowds"? 

Chant: It just seems to be the forum that I've stayed in. I've been in gentlemen's clubs and Go-Go for thirteen years, so...; 

Jb; You mentioned that you used to Dance? 

Chant: Yeah, I "did my time"...; 

Jb: Which do you like better, Dancing or Djin? 

Chant: I think I just slowly moved back away from the crowd. I was the Dancer, then I became a Bartender. I was that person kinda just movin' around, givin' drinks out; and now I'm even further away and just back against the wall in my little box, doin, keeping it movin. I don't wanna leave the scene, I'm, ya know, doin something different to stay in.

Jb: It's secure back there...; 

Chant: Yeah. 

Jb: Let's do an analogy. You're in a live band. What do you play? Guitar, drums, piano, trumpet. What would you be? 

Chant: I think with my lack of coordination, I think I'd have to be the Lead Singer. Just talking between songs, keeping the crowd movin' and singin my heart out during the songs I guess too. Just holding their attention and stimulate their mind. Mainly I'm just announcing beautiful ladies names (now), and Specials and Couch Dances, Champagne Courts and such. But, ya know, just adjectives, and tones of voice. Like drops in your voice.

Jb: Well yes, you got good inflections (for those of you reading this), and that's what that's all about. Which make s me wonder, do you Read a lot? Usually people with that awareness of public speaking are well read...;

Chant: Not as much as I should. 

Jb: Do you watch a lot of movies? 

Chant: I can't sit STILL long enough to watch movies. 

Jb: Yeah, I KNOW. You're something ELSE! This lady is a Pistol! Like, shot out of the Cannon! It's amazing I've got her to sit down for this interview here in the 2000. Things Must be fresh

And good! 

Chant: (laughs!) 

Jb: Speaking of the milinneum, what's the next level you want to take it to? 

Chant: I want to move on to working solely in Gentlemen's Clubs. I'd like to get the respect from the club owners to work some night shifts and just be given the confidence that I believe I deserve from them. And just continue to pump it out, day after day, and let 'em know I wann work, I'm doin' a good job, and, So

WHAT I'm a woman!? 

Jb: Yeah, like they say, "get OVER it!" 

Chant: Yeah. 

Jb: Have you ever thought about doing Stand-up (comedy), or theatre or movies? 

Chant: I was thinkin' about Stand-up, but I can't seem to decide what I wanna talk about...; So I'd have to like, just walk out and do it cold in order to do it. I can't write anything down to come up with it.

Jb: Just come out like you came in here to me tonite! 

Chant: Oh my goodness, EXACTLY! All I need to do is drive, and talk on my cell phone, and I could walk in an just bang a whole half hour out...;

Jb; I know from experience that's what it's all about with a lot of comedians; it's just real life. Just regular stuff. So, Chante` I'm really glad we've gotten to do this. Tell people where Dangerous Curves is located?

Chant: Sure. Dangerous Curves is located at State Road and Comley about two blocks south of the Taconey Bridge on the Pennsylvania side on State Road. And Charlie's Dream is at 61st and Essington in the shopping center right there it's the Jerry's Corner Plaza.

Jb: They're both just right outside of Philly. 

Chant: Oh yeah. Charlie's Dream is down by the airport, and Dangerous Curves is two blocks south of the Taconey bridge. And every night is special at Dangerous Curves. We have a lotta weekday specials .

Jb: And everybody reading this is invited down? 


Jb: Well spring is in the air on this warm night in February, so we might wannna get an early start on Spring Fever as we anticipate the season and go to a place like Dangerous Curves or Charlie's Dream. Thank you, Chante`!


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