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The original West Coast DJ show returned to California for the first time since the LA riots. For those that remember back when DJ Times was the only DJ publication out there and their shows were the place to be each year to network and see new things, the scene at the Cathedral Hotel in San Francisco was reminiscent of shows of the past. It was like a class reunion for the mature DJs and like the first day of school for all the newbies and scratch DJs whose general experience with DJ shows is equated to a trip to a Mars Superstore or Guitar Center.

The show itself was much like the one DJ Times provides for the East coast DJs, which by the way, is the single largest DJ event held each year  in North America. This years show, although not up to par with it's East coast  sister show in size, made up for it in timing. Everything clicked. From the caliper of speakers, to the general layout of the exhibit hall, it was a well thought out show. We estimated some 600 DJs were milling around the show and were told upwards of 1200 were in attendance.

When we went to our first seminar, it was a packed room. Andy Ebon and Chris Monroe gave a thrilling fast-paced ride through the process of getting on-line and what you do and don't want in your website. This was followed up by Randy Bartlett and his Mark Ferell impression, and yes, a veggie platter was included with the price of admission. Paradise Mike headed up a panel of well known DJs from the California area for the ABC's of marketing seminar. They gave the straight facts about marketing. During the seminar, they gave away over $1000 in door prizes...; including a full DJ Power MP3 system, a Shure microphone, Promo Only cds and more. Even though it was a little rough around the edges, it came off with a humorous touch which soothed the people in the crowd looking for the end-all marketing secrets.

Badge Pickup


Mark Thomas

The exhibit hall was filled to capacity and overflowed into the hallway which left booths lined up and in prime quiet spots to conduct business. Although the big exhibit hall was bustling with bodies during our visits, it did not seem that much commerce was taking place. Most of those in the exhibit hall seemed to be DJs of the scratch and club variety with names like, Slash and G-disc. They seemed entranced by all the new products and like children at Toys R Us, had to play with everything; but when it comes down to it, they did not look like they were buying. Mark Thomas of the American Disc Jockey Association commented that it was more of a day show. People showed up for the day and then went home. "This created a huge turnover in attendees and you had a chance to see someone new each day which made for unique opportunities for the vendors.", he explained.

Dave Van Enger
Teaches a New Dance

Randy Barlett

Packed Seminars

It was not the big splash that some might have hoped it would be, but the DJ Times West Coast Show made it clear- they are still a viable contender for the West Coast Show Champion belt, a title held by Mobile Beat for the past three years while DJ Times has solidly held the East Coast honors. DJ Times was ecstatic by the turnout and they hit the target they were aiming for and have set in place a show they can build upon.

DJ Time has thier next show in Atlantic City New Jersey this coming August.         


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