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April/May 2000





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In Pursuit Of The Right Price
With all the talk of getting your price we bring you five great articles.

The Right Price - Richard Albert
Perceived value?
I Want More Work - Dennis Hampson
Education the key?
A DJ Alliance - Scott Susor
Is this the answer?
Did You Raise Your Price - Sid Vanderpool
Has it happened?
Price Advice - Mark Ferell
The economics of veggie platters

Encoders, Is There A Difference? - Will Ryu
First in a three part series
Q&A on Napster, Gnutella
You have questions?
China Bans MP3 - Andy Strickland
A Record companies dream

The 21st Century DJ
MP3 Hardrive Sytstem
10,000 songs on board!

Hot Wire
DJ News
- DJs busted for party!
- Vendors might be pulling out of shows
-Grand plans for Mid-America Show
-CAMEO is dead
-Music company adds new format
-New Dj Association
New DJ Benefits Provider
Get Insurance and more..
RIAA Gets Taste of It
NAB sues the RIAA
School Gets First Prom
First dance in almost 100 years!
An Interview With The DJ
The man behind the "Footloose"

American Disc Jockey Awards
A Dream to build a Show On - Sid Vanderpool
A story about a man with a dream
Reviewed -Gary Orr
Gary's look at the starstudded show
How it feels- Bill Smith
Karaoke DJ of the year

Marketing Blitz
Card Tricks - Sid Vanderpool
The evolution of a business card
Biz Card Basics - Dana Ratcliff
The nitty gritty of cards
Picture This - Dr. K Nuneley
Is it worth 1000 words?
2000 Winners -
Business card contest
Top Dog
A choice business card

MB Las Vegas
An improvement
DJT San Francisco
A good start

Rockers Gather -Jennifer Vineyard
A gathering to help KNAC
On-line Radio Station April Fools Joke -David McGuire
Help we've been hacked!

Tech Talk
Powered Speakers - Dave Yantz
Are they right for you?

Music's Future - Ram Samudrala

This is Chante' - Jimmi Bruce

Laugh Trax -John Pope
Extreme Sports We Would Like To See



Mark Ferell

Crying all the way to the bank!





American DJ Awards


Card Tricks



Are powered speakers right for you?


Chante' Club DJ

Karaoke Lounge

Karaoke News
The Prince Sings
Karaoke Knights
A new Karaoke movie
Song Remains The Same -Kim Mellen
How music makes it to Karaoke
Sing Away The Blues -Monica Eng
In the box
Karaoke Taxi -CNN
Take a ride with
Sound Of Music -Marco R. della Cava
Karaoke in theaters a hit in Europe!
Are They Going To Duet?
Some say the Duets movie is dead.

Top Karaoke
Top Discs For April/May
Pop Hits is on top!



Karaoke Knights Title Screen

Gywneth Paltrow & Karl Detkin on the set of Duets






It's a new father/daughter song!
Check it out!

Looking for the Perfect Beat
The Art and Culture of the DJ

The DJ's Guide to Scratching -Sid Vanderpool
Learn how to scratch

DJzone Labs
Tascam CD-302 CD Player -Sid Vanderpool
Audio Labs CardDeluxe
A New sound card

DJ Profiles
Ronnie Kaye - Sid Vanderpool
The DJ behind the "Footloose" Prom of Graham High



Tascam CD- 302

The DJ's Guide To Scratching



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