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Date: Apr 3 

LONDON (AP) - Prince William and three classmates from Eton College performed a karaoke version of the Village People's hit song "YMCA" at a hotel bar during a school trip to the north of England, according to news reports Sunday.

Queen Elizabeth II's 17-year-old grandson was among 40 Eton students who stayed at the Crossways Hotel in Thornley, northeast England, last week to study local geography, hotel owner John Hudson told the news agency Press Association.

"On Thursday night we were holding our usual karaoke evening when William leant over to me and suggested we make it into a challenge match - with the Eton pupils representing the south (of England) and our regulars representing the north," Hudson told Press Association.

"I was a bit surprised but delighted by his suggestion. It was a keenly fought competition but in the end I decided, rather diplomatically, to call it a draw," he said.

Hudson said the prince, who is second in line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles, "just acted like one of the crowd."

"William and his friends were very good and got a huge cheer when they finished. They didn't do the actions to the song because they seemed to be concentrating on the words too hard," Hudson said.

A spokeswoman for Charles' office at St. James's Palace confirmed the young prince took part in a karaoke session, but refused to give further details.



Karaoke Bits

Adding to the vast wasteland that is Saturday night programming is USA's "Happy Hour," a chaotic, over-the-top game show hosted by Ahmet Zappa, with brother Dweezil along for comic relief. On the program, 10 (five men and five women) C-list celebrities (e.g. Park Overall, Garrett Morris) compete in several games, including a cringe-inducing version of dueling karaoke. Generation Y is also hot for karaoke, as evidenced by the many MTV programs currently featuring fans mangling popular songs.

By next fall, the world's scariest karaoke hits the small screen, as the syndicated "Your Big Break" debuts. The variety-competition show, produced by the indefatigable Dick Clark, gives ordinary (albeit outgoing) folks a chance to get into costume and perform their best impression of their favorite musical star for the amusement and ridicule of fellow couch potatoes.

So it looks like karaoke is here to stay, at least for a while. Our advice: Brush up on your favorite songs and start singing in the shower -- you never know when you're going to be on karaoke camera.


Soft Karaoke
Vorton Technologies, Inc.

Before you embarrass yourself in front of a crowd at the local karaoke bar, practice your singing with Soft Karaoke. As a song plays, the program shows its lyrics in sync with the music, against an attractive background. You can use Soft Karaoke with or without a microphone. Options let you specify tempo and pitch, show lyrics in two sizes, adjust the volume of the melody, and run the program full-screen or in a window. Unfortunately, this lite version comes with only two MIDI-based tunes ("Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and "When The Saints Go Marching In"); additional songs may be purchased from the developer. One hundred songs are offered for $49.95. (When we reviewed the program, the developer's Website offered a free song download each day.) Standard MIDI-based karaoke (.kar files) aren't supported, however.

Reviewed on Jan 04 2000.

System Requirements

Windows 95, 98, or NT, sound card that supports MIDI

Purchase Information



Chris Muis invented the "SINGCLEAN" in order to prevent all the travelers from passing harmful germs to each other and catching all those nasty cold and flu bugs. He also wanted to solve the problem with the microphone clips on the TV/Montior stands. When a singer has finished his/her song, they are always looking for a fast retreat off of the stage and do not wish to monkey around trying to get the microphone into the clip. Sometimes when they come up to sing they have trouble retrieving the mic, trying to pull it out sideways instead of straight up. There had to be an easier and more efficient way, and now there is. As explained on the Home Page of this web site, its as easy as 1, 2, 3, to retrieve, sanitize, and return, using the disinfected microphone with peace of mind.


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