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Vendors Can't Take Much More
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CAMEO Is No More!
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DJ's Busted for after Prom Party

SUN VALLEY IDAHO - Two Mini-Cassia radio disc jockeys were suspended indefinitely Wednesday, after being charged with providing alcohol to minors following a Wood River High School junior prom. The charges stem from a post-prom party that ended with one teenage girl in a hospital emergency room with alcohol poisoning. The disc jockeys have pleaded innocent, and a lawyer for one of the disc jockeys said the teens were drinking before and during the prom. Kirk Johnson, 35, known as Kurt Kruiser on The Buzz 99.9 FM, based in Burley, and Rodney Thompson, 20, a disc jockey with Kat Kountry 92.5 FM in Rupert, are charged with providing alcohol to minors, a misdemeanor, Sun Valley prosecutor Rick Allington said. They pleaded innocent last week and were awaiting jury trials, he said. The charges arose from a party the two disc jockeys hosted after providing musical entertainment for the March 19 Wood River High School junior prom at the Sun Valley Inn, Sun Valley police Lt. Mark Lockwood said.

After the prom four people under 18 and one person under 21 went to Johnson and Thompson's hotel room where alcohol was supplied, he said. Later that night an unconscious teen-age girl was taken to the emergency room at the Wood River Medical Center and diagnosed with alcohol poisoning, he said. The girl recovered with no permanent damage, but Johnson and Thompson were arrested and charged, he said. Johnson's lawyer, Lori Nakaoka, declined comment. Thompson's lawyer, Doug Nelson, said police reports show the juveniles drank alcohol before and during the prom, and the involvement of the two defendants was unclear. The two disc jockeys, who often moonlight at proms and parties The Buzz Music Machine, were not working for the radio stations at the time of the incident. But Kim Lee, general manager of the stations, suspended them until further notice. "Whether they come back depends on what happens" in court, he said.

The Vendors Can't Take Much More

LAS VEGAS NEVADA - During an interview with assorted vendors at the MB show in Vegas DJzone brought up the fact that there are tons of DJ shows and the common words most all the manufactures had was, "There should only be one show on the west coast, one on the East and one in the middle America area (As in MB on the west coast, DJT on the east coast and Mid-America). They went on to say if some of this year's shows are as pathetic monetarily as last years, no matter who the are they might as well forget them showing up again in 2001."

This brings up that age old question. Are there too many shows? With everyone saying, "I can do a show.", " I'm going to put one on in my backyard!"; two on the west coast, two on the east, one in the middle, two down south and now a new one announced in the upper north east. The manufacturers have relayed that they are finished taking a bath on these shows. They  are willing to support the shows that stay on or above water, but they are going to pull their support of the shows that act like the Titanic on steroids. Is this a wake up call for the show producers?

A New Format

FLORIDA - Promo Only now offers 2 CD formats specializing in Latin music.  Because we are adding another category of Latin music to our selections, we have re-named the original Latin Series CD to TROPICAL LATIN. Nothing else has changed about this popular series, we will continue to deliver all the hottest Salsa, Meringue, Bachata & Latin Dance tracks directly to you! provide expanded Latin music to our DJs and programmers, we have now ventured into the world of Regional Mexican and Tejano music.  The new REGIONAL LATIN CD is specifically designed for DJs who have a demand for West Coast types of Latin music, including Ranchera, Tejano, Cumbia and more

CAMEO Is No More?!

OTTAWA - A month after it's introduction the Canadian Association of Mobile Entertainers Organization or CAMEO is  no more. The swift announcement was made by the Canadian part owner and manager Jim Griffin. He told DJzone, "It's done, it's over with." According to the CAMEO webmaster Glenn Miller he was told to remove all reference to CAMEO from the website and to take down any posts that announced the new association on Mr. Miller's In talking with Bruce Keslar owner of NAME and the person that tried to spearhead a NAME-like benefits provider in Canada he claims that CAMEO is not dead, but refused to say how it was going to survive without Jim Griffin's help. Bruce was quick to comment that he was the power behind CAMEO and it will succeed!

Don't let Louisville fool you.

LOUISVILLE KY - It's the third year for the Mid-America DJ Convention in Louisville Kentucky and they have no where to go but up. Awarded the best show of 1999 by it's attendees a star-studded cast of players makeup the crew for this years show including more award winning speakers than any DJ show ever. On tap will be all of the Country DJ of the year recipients, Skip Stecker, Gary Orr, Ron Burt, and Mike Bendavid , three technical DJ of the year recipients, Jon Michaels, Sid Vanderpool, and Saied Moeta, Humanitarian Award winner Professor Jam, DJ service award winner Glenn Miller, and Propmaster of the Year, Michael B all doing seminars and/or workshops. With the rooms set up in classroom style every one will get a chance to learn. Some of these seminars will include Advanced Wedding Marketing, Advanced Country Djing, Intro to Internet how to get web feet, Props and your Show, and more.

This just scratches the surface of what is instore for you at this years show June 5-7. The Opening Night Cruise and Party aboard the Belle of Louisville will be boarding later in the evening this year, giving attendees more time for dinner and allow the sun to go down to make a cool party cruise even cooler. Other things that have changed this year include FREE exhibit passes that are upgradable to a discounted Full pass. Free morning breakfast in the seminar rooms and FREE soft drinks, coffee and bottled water in the networking rooms. We have more than one great speaker, all sorts of free stuff and are with in a days drive of most all of you. What more do you want?

New Christian DJ Association!

MARSEILLES IL - The Christian DJ Network is a brand new "association" within the Mobile DJ industry for Christian DJ's only! This is a very exciting endeavor! Christian DJ's have never had the ability to network, learn from and pray for each other as they can now. This new Christian networking web site is a great way to promote your DJ business/ministry.

Here are some benefits to look forward to as a member of CDJN: 

  •  Prayer Support 

  • Accountability Partners 
  • Your company name, phone number, hot link, email address and state(s) listing 
  • Insurance 
  • Membership certificate 
  • Christian resources 
  • Disc jockey resources 
  • Seminars 
  • Top of the Charts Christian music list 
  • as we grow the more advertising we can do and benefits will grow too!!! 

Please go to the CDJN web site at


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