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 New DJ insurance/ benefits provider!

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Glenn Miller announced last month his DJ website is now offering benefits for disc jockeys. These benefits are for DJs in both Canada and the US and include DJ business insurance, music, equipment, web hosting and travel discounts, plus more. These benefits are reported by Mr. Miller to be equivalent if not better than those offered by benefit providers like NAME and Findyourdj without the expense of paying for  membership fee. All the services are provided free of charge and the only requirement is that you are currently signed up at DJchat as a member. In speaking with some of the DJs that have taken advantage of the new programs they explained it is like going directly to the source without a middleman taking a cut. Miller said he hopes to add more to this programs every month and soon will include a health insurance program.

The Learning Center, has expanded to add a Resource Center to it's site!

What's Available Now:

  • Live Streaming Audio - over 200 stations, all licensed by the R.I.A.A. 

  • Equipment Deals - save 20% with selected retailers. 
  • Travel Deals - Save on Hotel, Airline, Rental Cars. 
  • On-line CD Ordering - 8 different sources to order cd's on-line. 
  • US Long Distance Savings. 
  • Discount ISP Dial Up. 
  • Savings on Computer Software. 
  • Web Hosting Savings. 
  • Name Registration Help 
  • Legal & Tax Help 
  • Matrix Training Program (save on program through us!) 
  • Canadian Music Licensing help 
  • US Property & Liability Insurance. 
  • Canadian Health Insurance. 
  • US Term Life Insurance. 
  • DJ Search Engines 
  • MP3 Players 
  • Record Pools 
  • Line Dances 
  • Omni Player 
  • ID Plates 
  • DJ Pics 
  • Gold Club Casino 
  • Win A Vacation 
  • Articles.

Coming soon, Canadian Members can save 8% on music compilations.! More to be posted soon!

So check out the Learning and Resource Center, and see why we say we are More Than Just Talk!

If you are interested in getting benefits without being a part of an association or benefits provider go to DJchat and click on Resources.

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