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 The DJ's Guide To Scratching

Sid Vanderpool - DJzone Editor

The DJ's Guide To ScratchingThe DJ's Guide to scratching featuring P-Love, the new release from Warner Bros. Publications, is one of their first ventures into the disc jockey education arena. Warner Brothers Publications, one of the largest publishers of music educational products in the world, first started in the 1920's when  Warner Bros., the movie company, purchased M. Witmark & Sons along with several other companies. Together, they formed Music Publishers Holding Corp. (MPH), the largest music publishing company in the nation. Over the past 80 years, they have expanded their products and services to include sheet music, learning guides in print and on video, plus instructional methods, supplementary texts, and the leading performance music.Courtesy of Warner Bros. Publications

Warner placed the DJ's Guide To Scratching  in the Ultimate Beginner Series for a reason, it is for scratching beginners or people like me that sit there and go, "How do they do that?". Even though I have been a DJ for over 24 years and started out on vinyl, I never had the chance or a reason to do scratching.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. PublicationsP-Love brings the art down to a basic 101 level by going over the essential equipment setup and following through with the moves on the grooves including cue point and tricks to make things click. After the basics P-love, moves to some advanced cuts which include how scratch DJs survive working with a band. He brings a raw "street" feel to this video that will appeal to many that are wanting to enter the ever growing field of Turntablism and Scratching.

Although the script could have been a little tighter, the video does what it is meant to. It taught me that it takes more than swishing a record around on a platter to be scratching, it takes quality hand eye coordination and an ear for music. If someone you know has a yearning to burn up the wheels of steel, but the only "scratching" they know is when they get an itch, do them a favor- buy them this video!


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