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Gary W. Orr -
Lone Star Entertainment

The 2000 American Disc Jockey Awards


DJ Hall of Fame Inductee
Bernie Howard


Glenn Miller
Ottawa Valley DJs
Ampior ON
DJ Service Award


Danette Koharchik
Rock Around the Clock Mobile DJs
Costa Mesa, CA
Female DJ of the Year


William Rader
Michael Butler Humanitarian Award


Ladd Temple
Best Sound Award


Roonie G


Michael B Propmaster

Five years ago at the Maxim Hotel in Las Vegas, a dream was born - an awards show for professional mobile DJ's.  Ken Knotts, who first envisioned a national awards show in 1994, has not only given life to this dream, he has nurtured it each step of the way.  The fifth installment of the American Disc Jockey Awards, was presented on February 21, 2000 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a great show.  It also marked a turning point for our industry.

Highlights of this show, included the presence of Peavey (represented by Mr. Ladd Temple) who provided a professional, high quality sound system for this and future shows.  Gemini again showed a strong commitment to the show and our industry by donating $15,000 to the show.  Bernie Howard was elected into the "DJ Hall of Fame", and Glenn Miller was awarded the first "DJ Service Award".  The "Hall of Fame" was once again a spectacular exhibit.  Having it open during the day before the show was fantastic.  Two thumbs up to Ray Martinez and his helpers for all the hard work that goes into this exhibit that details or industry.

The demonstration given by the winner of "Club DJ of the Year", Mr. Ronnie G. was truly awesome.  I think a demo by the winner of this award should become a regular part of the show.  I also think that the winner of "Karaoke Jockey of the Year" should be allowed to sing a song or two as part of the entertainment.  Pulling an unsuspecting DJ out of the audience to help with the show was a novel idea.  I think this participant should be limited too possibly handling the door prize giveaways and possibly some entertainment (a song and dance if they are so inclined or maybe a game of trivia or Simon Sez for a door prize).  After all, isn't that a major part of a DJ's job?  Let the major awards be given by previous winners or industry leaders or manufacturers representatives.  

There were a few negatives to the show, as there are with any show or production of this size.  I felt the MC's of this year's show were not up to the standard set by Mr. Gary Kassor at the 1999 show. Gary Kassor did an excellent job of keeping last year's show moving and was a truly fine example of what a professional mobile DJ does best.  The MC's for this year's show failed to impress me.  I also have a hard time with the top awards (Male Entertainer and Female Entertainer of the Year and Propmaster of the Year) being selected by a vote of the audience.  If the American Disc Jockey Awards Show is going to truly "take it to the next level", then it's time to stop selecting the winners by a popularity contest.  What about a selection process that includes voting by the Academy members, a panel of judges, and a voting audience?  Finally, there are some attendees of the show that think the whole show    

The major announcement at the conclusion of the awards show was a bombshell!  Ken Knotts announced that the 2001 American Disc Jockey Awards Show would be held in  Anaheim, California and would take place during the 2001 NAMM Winter Show.   NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) is a 100-year-old organization with over 6000 members.  NAMM's winter and summer shows regularly feature over 1100 exhibitors and over 60,000 attendees at each show.

What does this mean to the mobile DJ industry?  I can only speculate.  What would happen if in addition to the NAMM show and the awards show, there was a DJ conference too?  A DJ conference being held during one of the largest tradeshows in the United States.  A tradeshow that featured nearly every major equipment manufacturer that is represented in our industry.  Like I said, I can only speculate, but let your imagination run wild for a second.  Clearly, Mr. Knotts has said "Adios" to the cold shoulder treatment he has received in the past from Mobile Beat Magazine, and the producers of the Mobile Beat DJ Conference in Las Vegas.  This could signal a whole new era for the mobile DJ industry.

The 2000 American Disc Jockey Awards Show was a success.  Future shows will continue to improve under the guidance of Ken Knotts and his staff and supporters.  I for one, am truly looking forward to the 2001 show in Anaheim.  Great job once again Ken!  Thanks for caring about us and showing it with so much class. 

Primo Male DJ Of The Year

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