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MP3 Hard Drive Jukebox with Power Amplifier

MP3 Hard Drive Jukebox!
MP3 is here! Get high performance digital sound and store over 15,000 songs on hard disk. Download over 300 songs from a single CD!

Grab new music from the net. Use your PC to create custom MP3 CDs with just the songs you like. Load them to the internal hard drive for realistic, 3-dimensional theater sound. Patented digital processing gives you crystal clear sound. No PC connection is required.

Connect any stereo system, or directly power external speakers. Get digital sound and room-filling bass. The powerful built-in amplifiers and monitoring speakers play MP3 with no external connections.

The hard drive organizes your music in separate folders. The ID-3 system displays the title, album, and artist on a large LCD screen.

Use the jukebox feature for an entire evening of great music. Play songs randomly or in sequence from the internal hard drive. Unlike CD changers, the hard drive won't wear out, even under continuous use. Suggest retail: $600

• Built-in 25GB hard drive stores over 10,000 MP3 songs!
• Optional 40GB drives stores over 15,000!
• Rock-solid hard disk reliability.
• Perfect for DJs, background music, music on hold, and radio stations.
• No PC connection required.
• Play both audio and MP3 CDs.
• Load over 300 songs per MP3 CD!
• ID-3 tags display artist, album, and title on the screen!
• Dual processors with DSP provide crystal clear 3-D sound!
• Built-in monitoring speakers, plus external speaker jacks.
• Built in jukebox feature with random and sequential play.
• Speaker and line-out audio jacks connect to stereo systems.
• Plays directly from any CD format: audio, computer MP3, library, DAM
• Supports all MP3 data rates including high-quality 384Kbps!


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