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June/July 2000





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Special Feature
It's been talked about in the chats
Shagadelic Baby! - David Sessoms
What Is Shag Music?
Shag Music Lists - Betty B

Doing the Biz
Powerpacked articles to help your business
Power Networking- Andy Ebon
More than just talk
Don't let people get away ... - Brian Close
Got a cart?
Create New Leads - Bruce Kulberg
Education the key?
Service, Service, Service - Rob Vee
Is this the answer?

Marketing Blitz
14 Tips For Press Releases  - John Hewitt
The evolution of a business card
How To Write A Press Relese - Edward Lowe
The nitty gritty of cards
Marketing Color - June Campbell
Is it worth 1000 words?

Encoders, Is There A Difference? - Will Ryu
Second in a four part series
Record Companies Freind - Fred Vogelstein
It could be
Shoutcast Radio -Janelle Brown
MP3 Webradio you can do
MP3 News
15,000 songs one box

Hot Wire
DJ News
-From spinners to superstars
-US goverment chooses Mackie
-Radio DJ and his doll

The 21st Century DJ
DVD Ram Drives
9.4 Gigs of Music

DJ 101
Learning To DJ Vinyl  - Laura La Gassa
Beginners only please

Mid-America = Success - Sid Vanderpool
The little show that could!
Mobile Beat Cleveland -Kyle McPeck
He was there.

More Power To Low Power - Douglas Wolk
Anyone can now have a radio station
Punk grows -Eric Searleman
College Radio Turns Loose
Ron Diamond
A fun site for all! 

Westling & Music -Eric De Fontenay
Music Is Bad - Toby Slater
David & Goliath - Eric De Fontenay

DJ Kaori The Interview - Jimmi Bruce

Laugh Trax  -John Pope
Extreme Sports We Would Like To See 2

DJ Horror Story 
The Angel and the AAA -Sharron Elias

DJ Games 
More games from our Gamemaster

Tech Talk
DMX 512 - Dan Mills
Just the Faqs





Andy Ebon









Serving Up Success in Kentucky








Karaoke Lounge

Karaoke News
- Kissing Krooners
- Duets is On!
Karaoke Volenteering -Lizabeth Cardenas
Sing for the seniors
Karaoke Torture -Asahi Shimbun
It's not for everyone
Karaoke Fitness -Grant Davis
Melding hip-hop sound tracks and martial arts
Karaoke Kwik Tips
Pass these on to your singers
New trend or passing fancy?
They Sing To Go To Nashville
It's a contest

Top Karaoke
Top Discs For June/July
Pop Hits is on top!






Atlantic City's Deja Vu - Mike Fernino
The DJTimes Expo party haunt

The DJ's Guide To Latin Music
Learn what to play

DJzone Labs
American DJ Crank 1/SYS -Jimmi Jae











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