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August/September 2000

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 Summer NAMM Special
Who says NAMM isn't for DJs?
 All The New Toys
 Everything for DJs from Summer NAMM
 Summer NAMM May Move - Joe Morris
 Growing Pains



Doing the Biz
Powerpacked articles to help your business
Mission Statements- Bruce Wyman
Give your business direction
Networking - Brian Close
A starting place

Encoders, Is There A Difference? - Will Ryu
Third in a four part series
Ads in the music - Michele Wilson-Morris
A new proposal
Night Of The Living Napster? -Sam Ames
Fans will find a way

Hot Wire
DJ News
-Dirty Dancing Banned at school
-DJzone signs deal
-QSC opens store
-Win your own music store
-Dance hall burns

The 21st Century DJ
Neo Is Here
Users can carry your entire music collection in the palm of your hand!
Phillips Expanium MP3-CD Portable
Mass production MP3 Portable
Wired For Music Clothing
Levis and Phillips have your clothes wired

International DJ Expo 2000 - Sid Vanderpool
The small fish that roars like a lion.
Luminaries Come To Vegas
LDI does the strip.

 Tech Special - CDRsS

 A Blank Is Not Blank
 CDRs are encoded from the factory
 CDR Design and Durablity
 Which ones hold up
 Labeling Correctly
 The right way to label
 New Recording Software
 It does practically everything

Tech Talk  -Howard Sharp
The correct way to hook up your speakers


DJ Games 
More games from our Gamemaster
















Karaoke Lounge

Karaoke News
- Kissing Krooners
- Duets is On!
Song Remains The Same
Sing for the seniors
Duets Is Doin It -Karl Detkin
Major Motion Picture Time
Karaoke Means Weird In Japanese
And you thought different?
Pass these on to your singers

Top Karaoke
Top Sellers For August/September
See what selling!









Mr. Interactive
What a guy!

Wake The Town Tell The People
The Truth Behind Reggie

DJzone Labs
Gemini Circle Sound -Bernie Howard Fryman






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