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November/December 2000

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New Gear First
We brought the show to you!

Doing the Biz
Powerpacked articles to help your business
Tale Of The Missing DJ - Scott Susor
Lessons to be learned
Motivating Your Employees- Alan Kruglak
Are pep talks what they need?
Service Service Service - Robert Zee
We say it 3 times for a reason

Encoders, Is There A Difference? - Will Ryu
Last in a four part series
GPulp Opens Up Web Searches - Michelle Delio
A new system
Addicted to Napster -Ryan Tate
Sharing is a drug?

Hot Wire
Hall of Fame DJ Goes Broadway
Psychedelics & Polyester
Promo Only Let The Dogs Out
Florida promo music service makes news
Casper Slide
Chris takes us through the steps
Sneek Peek
SKB's Secret New Speaker Line
DJ News
-American DJ Just released lights
-Martin Wizard
-Westlake Speakers
-Mackie is a hit
-QSC Lowers Prices

The 21st Century DJ
Laser Turntable
Don't throw away the vinyl yet.

Plasa Creates A Buzz
UK presents another Grand Show!
Luminaries Come To Vegas
LDI does the strip.
DJ Summit 2000
Chicago is in the house.

Turnin Da Tables - Jimi Bruce
Interviews with some to mixers
Club 101
Beatmixing made easy
Rise of House-Josh Hall
Boston's Story

Tech Talk 
How Loud Is Loud?


DJ Games 
Holiday Games
The place to find those games for your parties.













Karaoke Lounge


Create Your Own Karaoke Discs
Right on your computer!!

Karaoke Is Making A Comeback
Back on the upswing?
Conffessions Of A KJ
KJ Tells All
Karaoke Addicts
Is there help?
Hooked On Karaoke
Just can't stop
'Duets' Misses the Notes
Critics tell you why
We Are The Stars

Top Karaoke
Top Sellers For November/December
See what selling!


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Extreem Entertainment
It's More Than Greek To Them

DJzone Labs
American DJ DCD-PRO500 -David Gedge
Mackie SR-1530  -Will James







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