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 Extreem DJ Entertainment


Angelo Stathopoulos founded Extreem DJ Entertainment in 1989 and has built a solid company that believes in a high quality professional service with the goal of satisfying every customer and their respective guests. Since the early 1980's Angelo has had vast experience in all areas of the music industry; including mobile events, nightclubs, and radio. His love for entertaining crowds became his ultimate focus. His extensive experience, knowledge of music and music programming coupled with a marketing degree laid a solid foundation for a highly respected company to flourish.


"Primarily we service the Toronto, and Ontario region in Canada. We do travel across Canada and have done functions in Florida. When the company started off we had a niche, and our niche was The Greek Ethnic market. This is our niche and have entertained Greek Canadians and Americans since 1989. Over the years our professional service and knowledge of music has allowed us to tap into other markets."


Extreem DJ Entertainment Gear


  • Speakers: JBL, Electro Voice, DAS, Elite (Yorkville), Cerwin Vega (Bass Cabinets only)

  • Amplifiers: QSC, Crest, BGW
  • CD Players: Denon 2600, Denon 2000 MKIII, Denon 1800, Denon only.
  • Turntables: Techniques 1200's
  • Mixers: Rane Mojo, Rane MP 26, Rane MP 22
  • Pre amp: Rane, Ashley
  • Lighting: High-End, Martin, Clublight, American DJ
  • Special Effects: Peasouper Dry Ice Machines, Le Maitre Hazer, Martin Fogger,
  • Kabuki Steamer and Confetti Cannons, Pyropak Pyro System

    Visit their website at


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