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I'm just a DJ . . . and damn proud of it!
By Bernie Howard

Yes I am.

I'm not wedding consultant, swag peddler, interactive party diva, centerpeice creator or much else . . . Get the picture?

I'm a mobile DJ. I drag around a big sound system (sometimes lighting also). I work in pretty cold weather (half of the year) in the Windy City of Chicago. It's not always that glamorous a job, although sometimes it's fun (not always).

I get to introduce brides and grooms and play hip music that people can groove (and dance) to. I've been doing it for almost 30 years. I was even honored with a hall of fame award last year.

I'm actually pretty happy being just a DJ. I do it for 2 reasons . . #1 to help support my family and #2 it's part of me. Incidently, I enjoy making a profit at it.

Why can't the mobile DJ industry understand the formula to show an hourly profit as a DJ is . . . Price of DJ perfomance minus costs (swag, gas, lit, phone service, trucking, insurance, amoritization of gear, initial cost of gear and then subtract battery use for wireless's? Next, divide this by all time involved (including the 6 hours plus driving time to book the job for consultants) maintainance, sourcing, ordering, moving, and warehouseing large quanities of swag.

Get the picture . . . ????? 

Congrats! you just earned $35 an hour even though you charged $1200 DJ Veggie Platter and you only own $20,000 worth of gear and music.

Finally someone finally admitted that wedding consultants can earn $1200 plus per show. How much did they really take home after all was said and done? Why are they so hell bent on the industry becoming consultants? Who asked them to "Show us the way"?

If they were truly making so much money per hour, they wouldn't have time to share it? . . . Oh I forgot, it's a mission from God. I'm not sorry to be so negative. 

All I know is my DJ company turns a profit each year and . . . I'm only a DJ! 

That's all I'll ever be. 

Besides, I hear McDonalds is hiring this year at $5.15 per hour and you get a free lunch. It's sounding better and better. 

Are there any other DJ's out there? 

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