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Chris Cox Interview
Jimi Bruce


JB:  For Clubzone at, I'm with Chris Cox who's spinning here now at déjà vu's

Expo 2000 party, tonight!   Ah, where you from?

CC: Los Angeles.

JB: Where do you play out there?

CC: Actually L.A. is the only place I don't play.  I play  like, pretty much everywhere around the nation, I do alotta touring, but in L.A. I just basically work in the studio.

JB:  Wow, that means you're a large dude , you're all over the place; how do people recruit you, how do you find all these gigs?  Are you legendary, or website, what?

CC: People, as far as Dj stuff, you go to which has all the information about how to get me and how to book me an stuff.  As far as remixing, usually like, labels just give us a call; they gotta know how to look us up, is our site, and that's pretty much it, we're easy to find!

JB:  Thunderpuss, what's that all about?

CC:  Ah, Thunderpuss is myself and my partner Barry Harris, and we've been friends about ten years.  He used to be in the group Kon Kan in the eighties, I was working for Hot Tracks remix service and we met about 1990.  Over the years we became friends; he was living in Canada, and I was living in the states, and after Hot Tracks got a record label called Interhead  Records, that was my record label, so I recruited Barry a few times to do productions for us cause I liked his productions and we hooked-up through that, like me, an A&R guy and him, and one time when he came to L.A. to vacation we said, "hey we've know each other for so long, let's try and do a record together, and it totally just like, worked it felt really good working together and so we did a few things for Interhead.  Our first break was doing "Kiss The Rain" for Billy Myers on Universal Records, a mutual friend got us the gig, and that blew-up so big we got the call to do Whitney Houston from Arista and that was it..

JB: Which Whitney did you do?!

CC: We did "It's Not Right, But It's Okay" 

JB:  Oh man', I didn't know that!

CC:  Yeah, yeah we did the big hit version of that!

JB:  See I'm in the company of greatness again!

CC:  Ha, ha, ha, ha ha!  So basically after they took our version to cut the video to and MTV, an all that shit, then everyone just kinda like, it just blew-up from there.

JB:  Okay, I means, it's hard because a lot of people who read about DJs and what we do, they wonder how to get to the level that you are?  Ya know, you didn't just come out the egg and get big..

CC:  Aw hell now, it's like,

JB:  how many years have you been doin it?

CC: I been like Djin like,seriously since I was, like fourteen; I'd say pretty much like '88 is when I started really, really trying and getting a clue, learning how to edit, learning how to

Remix, so I'm about a twelve, ten year run.

JB:  Do you have a lot of equipment at your house, do you do a lot of production at your home?

CC: We actually have a studio; we rent studio space and then we have our own studio. I've got gear at home too, but we rent commercial space and that's where we work at.

JB: Okay, and when can my readers find and hear you this fall?

CC: Actually just "coming to a city near you". I'm just kind of like everywhere.  Once again, to find my touring dates.  And records coming out, we got the new Ann Nesby, the new Kim English,;

JB: Kim English, I interviewed her last Thanksgiving in New York!

CC:  Oh she's dope.  Yeah, we just did her new song called "Higher Things", we did Ann Nesby's "Lovin Is Really My Game", ah we did the new Celine Dion, the new Ultra Nate`,

I'm just getting ready to play it now

JB:  "Lovin' Is Really My Game"?, that's a remix of, um

CC: Brainstorm!

JB:  Yeah, Brainstorm on the old, I think, Tabu records!?

CC:  That was the shit, yeah!  On Epic;

JB:  I think that's about it, I know you're in the middle of..

CC:  Alright I gotta get back an cue-up my song

JB;  Thanks Chris Cox , look out for 'im, and listen for his music.

CC:  Right on, thanks, man'!

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