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January/February 2001

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New Gear First
We brought the show to you!


Doing the Biz
Powerpacked articles to help your business
Does Price Matter - Professor Jam
A Florida DJ's Point of View
Double Edged Sword Of Referrals- Scott Susor
Referrals Got You Down?
So You Want To Be A Mobile DJ? - Scott Susor
Get it right the first time
I'm Just A DJ And I'm Damn Proud Of It- Bernie Fryman
Wedding Consultant- not!
How Price & Perception Can Power Profits - Nobel Peebles
Value is the Answer to getting your price.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Domain- Marty Foley
Why Not  Your Own Dot Com?
Common Mistakes Made At Bridal Trade Shows- Susan Friedman
Learn From the Mistakes?

Hot Wire
Sneak Peek
Inside NAMM secrets
Piracy Threat
The big 5 are getting hit from all sides
Digital Watermarks
They can now trace who put it on Napster
DJ News
-American DJ & ERG make product
-CODJA gets hooked up
-Tascam has new DJ
- Denon Celebrate 60 years
- NAME attempts certification

The 21st Century DJ
Robot DJ
Lego Now Does Parties

Conventions & Events:
Gemini Scores a Touchdown
With their new booth at NAMM
Fun Scenes From NAMM
The DJs of NAMM
Winter NAMM 2001
World's largest show returns to Anaheim!
DJ Dreams  - Ken Knotts
The True American DJ Awards Story!

Chris Cox Interview - Jimi Bruce
Trunin Da Tables
Turnin Da Tables - Jimi Bruce
Speaking with Kenny
Music Cheese Factor?-Josh Hall
Swiss Cheddar Better?

Tech Talk 
Secrets Of Crossfaders

DJ Games & Interactives
Blame It On The Boogie
At this script to your toolbox of fun.






















Karaoke Lounge


How Karaoke Discs Are Born
It takes more than you think
Karaoke Star Hones Talents
Still belts out the tunes
Lessons learned
Elvis May be dead but the king lives
How Many Songs Is Too Many?
Depends on who you talk to

Top Karaoke
Top Sellers For January/February
See what selling!








On Video
Todd Mitchum -Sid Vanderpool
Finally a seminar that helps you create

Extreme Entertainment
It's More Than Greek To Them

DJzone Labs
Numark EM460 "Kaoss" Mixer -Christopher Edward












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