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By Tom Angleberger

Date: Dec 27  

It's the same old refrain: He's got Tennessee on his mind Karaoke star still hones his talent  He's eager to start his singing career, but wants to finish his music education degree first. Jason Chrisley has recovered from the disappointment of losing the state karaoke tournament and has a new dream - Dollywood.

Last spring, Chrisley won the local karaoke championship held at The Farmhouse in Christiansburg. He hoped to win the state championship in Blackstone and a trip to the nationals in Nashville, the city his dreams of country stardom revolve around. But when the big night came, his tear-jerking rendition of "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" was bested by a wild version of "Footloose" by Charlottesville's Michael Vernon. Without the chance to perform in Nashville, Chrisley's second-place plaque was little consolation. At first devastated, Chrisley was soon buoyed by his eternal optimism and self-confidence. Since that painful night in Blackstone, he has performed locally, recorded a song and begun collaborating with Pulaski songwriter Eddie Sutphin. He replaced his tired old karaoke machine with a new system and has been practicing new songs, such as Chad Brock's "The Visit" and Eric Heatherly's "Swimming in Champagne."

"I'm better than I was," he said. "I feel like I'm really ready." 

Meanwhile, he's still working as a meat cutter at the Dublin Shop-eez and earning a degree in music education at Virginia Tech. He's anxious to start his singing career, but wants to finish his student teaching and graduate in May.

"I've been through too much hard work and long hours and stress not to do it," he said. "But my real dream is singing. I'm just really looking forward to getting that degree so I can go to Tennessee."

Nashville is still his ultimate destination, but right now he's eyeing another of the Volunteer State's glittering meccas - Dolly Parton's Pigeon Forge amusement park, Dollywood. He plans to audition there in January and hopefully spend the summer performing for visitors to the park. 

"I just really feel like my place is down there singing," he said. "I just think it would be a really good way to get my name out there and get some publicity."

So if all goes well, he'll be too busy singing at Dollywood to compete in this year's karaoke contest. But he wouldn't mind a rematch with Vernon.

"I'd like to get another shot at that guy. I don't think he'd get me this year." 


Taken from an article found in The Roanoke Times 


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