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Denon Celebrates 90 Years in Pro Audio Industry

2000 marks the 90th anniversary of Denon and its parent company, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. From its beginning in 1910, Denon has become a global player in the manufacturing of quality audio and audio-video equipment as well as software products for the entertainment and information industries.

"Denon's professional-use, consumer-use equipment and software products have long been recognized internationally for their originality and high standards of quality, durability and innovation," said

Hideo Kushida, president of Pine Brook, NJ.-based Denon Electronics. "Certainly, the simple fact that Denon has been around for 90 years is a powerful testimony to our company's commitment to excellence."

Denon's history features numerous accomplishments and accolades. In 1939, the company developed Japan's first professional-use disc recorder for the broadcasting industry. In 1951, Denon commenced sales of Japan's first LP records. Denon introduced the

world's first PCM recorder for regular studio recording use in 1972, effectively launching the digital audio revolution. In 1983, the company inaugurated sales of the world's first CD, then debuted the world's first CD Cart player for the broadcast and professional industries in 1987. Several years later, in 1995, Denon introduced the Dolby Digital AC-3/THX preamp/tuner/ processor.

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USMEA Forms Partnership to Add Benefits

The United States Music Entertainers Alliance is proud to announce an Allied Industry Partnership with FindYourDJ. FindYourDJ and the USMEA have entered into an agreement that both organizations hope will be a great enhancement to the DJ industry.

FindYourDJ President, Tony Valentine stated, “USMEA National President Gary Orr and FindYourDJ Vice President Edward Price worked diligently in order for both groups to offer a package that benefits the members of both organizations.”

“We are certain that this is the beginning of DJ’s working together for a common cause, and we know that Gary shares our hope of uniting the various factions in the DJ community in order to raise the awareness and respectability of our industry” said FindYourDJ Vice President Edward Price.

USMEA National President Gary Orr added, “Our new alliance with FindYourDJ is just the beginning of a fantastic year of change and growth in the USMEA and the mobile entertainment industry. This new alliance creates a bond and unites two leading organizations in the common goal of improving the industry. The partnership with FindYourDJ allows USMEA members to benefit immediately by utilizing the fantastic array of benefits that FindYourDJ can offer them, including job leads and liability and property insurance.”

For more information contact Gary Orr at or Edward Price at

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ERG/American DJ Release Joint Product 

Entertainment Resources Group (ERG) and American DJ Products have released the first in a series of DJ "Battle" CDs called Digital Scratch Traxx. Produced by ERG in conjunction with the launch of American DJ's Pro-Scratch 1 CD player, Digital Scratch Traxx Vol 1 features Beats/Loops, samples and sound effects for use by Digital Turntablists. It is in stock now and is available through both ERG and American DJ dealers.

Featuring an intro track and creative input by the talented DJ Skilz, this essential tool for scratch DJs has 99 great tracks for creating any groove. DJ Skilz is the resident DJ at Club Rio in Las Vegas and is an endorser/demonstrator of American DJ's product line. Volume 2 of Digital Scratch Traxx is in the works and has an expected release date of late March.

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American DJ Wins Dealers Choice Lighting Award 

LOS ANGELES, CA- For the sixth consecutive year, American DJ has received Musical Merchandise Review magazines prestigious Dealer’s Choice Lighting Line Of The Year Award. This time the honor was given to the lighting manufacturer for its innovative Pocket Scan laser/scanner effect.

In handing out its annual Dealer’s Choice awards, Musical Merchandise Review, the musical instrument industry’s leading trade magazine, queries leading retailers and music store chains from across the nation for their top-product choices. American DJ was announced as the winner of the competitive Lighting Line Of The Year Award in the magazine’s December 2000 issue.

When honoring American DJ with the award, Musical Merchandise Review stated, “The company has made its name by offering economical and versatile individual products and packages.” The Pocket Scan, a revolutionary compact fixture that combines laser and scanner effects, is representative the company’s innovative and value-driven philosophy.

“This award is truly significant because it reflects how people on the front lines in the music industry perceive our products,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of American DJ. “Our company was built on the tradition of offering innovative and quality lighting products at affordable prices, and the Pocket Scan reflects our commitment to this goal. The fact that the Pocket Scan was chosen to receive the Dealer’s Choice award shows that we are on the right track.”

The Pocket Scan weighs just 10 lbs., and can be operated as either a color/gobo scanner or a sharp-beam laser, or both at the same time. A DMX-compatible fixture, the Pocket Scan can “double up” and produce these dual effects, because it features simultaneous halogen and laser operation. To create its laser effects, the Pocket Scan includes a 5mw Laser Diode with X/Y mirror movement.

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Anaheim, California (January 18, 2001)... TASCAM is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Arevalo, also known as "DJ Davey Dave", to the position of DJ product specialist. Davey Dave brings over 15 years experience as a professional DJ and producer to TASCAM.

"I'm excited to be part of the TASCAM team," states Davey Dave. "I've used lots of TASCAM gear over the years and I'm looking forward to helping define the future of TASCAM's DJ product line."

Aside from his duties at TASCAM, Davey Dave is currently working with Los Angeles based producer Uberzone and was also recently featured on B.T.'s recent Netwerk Records release "Movement in Still Life". Prior to joining TASCAM, Davey Dave was employed by Geffen Records where he was involved in record label radio promotions.

"We're excited to have Davey as one of our product specialists," states TASCAM product training manager Karl Moet, "DJ products are becoming a crucial part of TASCAM's line and with Davey's background and experience, he will be a tremendous asset to our DJ products development process."

TASCAM is the professional division of TEAC Corporation and produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders, mixers and related equipment in the pro audio industry.

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Yamaha DJXIIB "DJ BOX" Is in the Bag 

ANAHEIM, CA—Yamaha Corporation of America, Accessory Products, will introduce a portable bag designed specifically for the wildly popular DJXIIB "DJ Box" at Winter NAMM 2001.

Since its introduction, the DJXIIB has opened up the world of personal music creation for many people who don't play a musical instrument. The unit is about the size of a record turntable or small DJ mixer, is able to run on batteries, and at 15 (W) x 15 (L) x 6 (D) inches and a mere 5 lbs., it's extremely portable.

Currently available, the rugged, backpack-style "courier" design bag (YBDJXB) enables musicians and DJs to tote their DJXIIB in comfort and style. The sturdy, padded CORDURA®-type exterior sports the identical black/silver/red color scheme as the DJXIIB, with the Yamaha DJX logo embroidered on the outside flap. Features include straps and carrying handles, heavy-duty zippers, plus individual compartments with Velcro closures for the DJX Box and all kinds of accessories: cables, batteries or even a portable CD player.

"Users of the DJXIIB, particularly DJs, usually carry a lot of loose gear," states Bryan Savage, marketing manager, Accessory Products. "This bag, with its backpack design, not only protects the box, but frees up the hands as well."

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Designed for Performance DJs Unit's Feature Set Makes it 

One of the Most Powerful DJ Mixers Ever Made 

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA (January 18, 2001) ; TASCAM (Booth 6491) is previewing its new X-9 Professional Performance DJ Mixer at NAMM.  The X-9 is the latest edition to the growing TASCAM DJ product line. The 4-channel mixer is designed for the performance oriented DJ and includes a complement of analog, digital and MIDI inputs and outputs, built-in effects, built-in sampler and a versatile EQ control.

"The X-9 is the most powerful DJ mixer ever designed. It offers incredible control over your music, allowing your mixes to be creative and original as never before possible," says DJ Davey Dave, TASCAM DJ product specialist. "With its versatile feature set with built-in effects, sampling, analog and digital I/O, the X-9 takes mixing to an entirely new level."

The X-9 Performance DJ Mixer ($1,399 MSRP) combines ultra-high performance and intuitive ease of use. Its multitude of analog and digital inputs allows for incredible flexibility for interfacing with a wide variety of DJ gear such as vinyl turntables, dual CD decks, external effects devices and other audio tools. Moreover, its digital outputs allow the user to record mixes directly to digital recorders.

To achieve the ultimate in creative control, the X-9 includes a wide variety of high-quality built-in effects including reverb, delay, echo, flanging, auto panning,

a low-fi filter, pitch control, a transformer effect and a low pass filter. The X-9 also features parametric EQ, making it ideal for creating exciting custom mixes. Up to 30 effect and EQ settings can be stored and recalled for later use.

Another valuable tool for live performance and remixing is the X-9's sampling function which allows source material to be selected from Inputs 1 through 4, from the master output, the microphone input, or both sides of the crossfader.

The X-9 also offers a customizable fader start function which can be assigned to several controllers on the mixer.

"The X-9 offers all the features a DJ could want in a mixer, plus a few he never knew he needed until now." explains Dave. "Its versatile feature set combined with TASCAM's solid reputation for reliability, makes the X-9 a must have for any performance DJ."

For additional information on the X-9 and other TASCAM products, please visit TASCAM's Web site at

TASCAM is the professional division of TEAC Corporation and produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders and related equipment in the pro audio industry. TASCAM has offices in the U.S, U.K., Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Latin America. For additional information, contact:

For Profit Association N.A.M.E introduces its Accreditation Program

An accreditation program has been discussed throughout the industry for a considerable amount of time and it is only after long hours of discussion and planning that N.A.M.E. is now ready to present this program in detail.  It is incumbent upon N.A.M.E. as an association to constantly strive to provide the very best for its membership.  Our efforts toward bringing respect and a true perception of professionalism of the industry to the public are reinforced by this program.

The program itself will be administered in two separate levels, the first being E.P.E., or Endorsed Professional Entertainer.  This level of achievement may be applied for after having been a member in good standing after one year.  Those members who have already been members for one full year will be granted grandfather status and may apply immediately.  Upon completing a further three-year membership period, as an E.P.E you may submit an application for the next level, C.P.E., Certified Professional Entertainer.  The underlying concept is that the E.P.E. and C.P.E. titles give our members an opportunity to market their achievements of recognition to their perspective clients and assist in facilitating their sales presentations.

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