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Going For A Touchdown

Every year Gemini Sound Products comes up with an innovative way to rollout and promote new products at the winter NAMM shows; this year was no different. It is a fact that 97% of Gemini's dealers are guys. What better way to grab guys than football, complete with a real quarterback and cheerleaders?

Workers scurried around for three days hanging lights, rolling out Astroturf, fixing the chairs and bleachers, setting up the locker rooms, hooking up the plasma bigscreen, and lining up the uniforms. As NAMM opened, so did the Gemini Stadium; complete with a backdrop of a panoramic crowd scene. It was time for the big show, time for the Super Bowl of sales.

It's game time and Gemini's starting audio lineup rolled onto the field with two new cd players the CDJ-30 and CDJ-50. Also in the lineup was their new mosfet three channel amplifier, the XPM-3000. On their lighting lineup, they had their new Kryptonite green Laser Launcher and Phaser. Many other great new audio and lighting products made up a winning team.

As the sales team went to work, sideline and halftime activities drew in the crowds. There were Gemini cheerleaders funking to the sounds of Sandstorm and other great dance tunes spun by DJ Swift while Football Hall of Fame legend, Deacon Jones signed autographs.

Gemini Sound Products gave a stunning performance of grace and agility with their football themed booth at the 2001 Winter NAMM.

Between the cheers of the Gemini girls, The Gemini team lined up for continuous touchdowns in the battle of new DJ products displayed at this years NAMM. You have heard of the NFL and the XFL. Now there is the GFL.

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Eric gets his balls signed


Shake your bootie

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DJzone writer Dan McKay & Friends

Bernie Howard, Keith Belman, a differetn type of Gmeini girl, Alan Kabasso Gemini CEO

DJzone Editor and the Gemini Girls

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