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Todd Mitchum Seminar I Video
Sid Vanderpool-Editor

The one thing I hate is dropping money on tapes or videos and ending up getting nothing from them. You drop the money and pop it in to hear some guy doing a 25 minute infocommercial without giving something you can use in the REAL world. I have been a Dj for 24 years and I have seen most everything, so it's hard to teach this dog new tricks.

In reviewing Todd Mitchum's video for Seminar 1, I can seriously say I got a ton of ideas out of it; some of which I immediately applied to my events. I found it brought up usable ideas and concepts that come from a very entertainment-worldly man. Todd opens up your eyes and gives you a new view on ordinary things we all do at gigs. He then teaches you how to do them better. You wont have to steal your competitors interactives anymore because Todd will walk you through the steps to creating your own interactives that are unique to your company. His techiques can be continuosly used to keep your shows fresh and viberant.

You get the full seminar, not a 15 min. shorty like you see on so many "DJ how to" videos, it is almost 2 hours long!

The only thing I found wrong with this video was the poor production. It suffered from poor lighting, poor sound, and poor editing. You could see and hear everything, but it was not the best quality. Maybe it was an artistic "Blair Witch" thing, but coming from someone that does his own video editing, it was slightly annoying. It's like an old car I had. It did not look like much, but it sure ran great.

All I can say is the production may not win an Oscar, but the content could.

"The content was VERYuseful to me.  He covered a number of things I kind of do right now, BUT he definitely reminded me of stuff I SHOULD be doing (but have neglected, cause of laziness or forgetfulness).  I am planning to put into action a number of his techniques.  So, I am glad I bought them; even though the price is a little higher than I would want to pay for a videotape - but hey! I'm cheap; I'm a dj."

    Mike Lamb



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