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July/Aug 2001

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The Toys Of
Summer NAMM 2001


Dan's Soup

We are proud to bring you the DJ marketing works of Dan McKay a skilled industry writer for many years. This issue: Is A Spare Bedroom Office Putting Your Business To Sleep?
Click here

Doing the Biz:
Powerpacked articles to help your business
It's all in the presentation - Mike Fernino
Change the way you do it
Getting Them To Kiss - Steve Bourguignon
13 ways to get the kiss
Chicken Dance Fame 
66 to choose from

Extended Education:
Lighting- What Is a Gobo?- John Mitchell
It's more than an image
SPFX- Bubble Tricks - Paul Shillinger, Jr.
Add a little smoke and mirrors

The Music & MP3:
Promo Only Releases New Video Format
Add some Salsa to your mix
Promo Only Music Charts
Lead the pack

Hot Wire:

Gear News
-Pioneer releases the CMX3000

Conventions & Events:
DJTimes International Expo
The giant once again awakes

Turnin Da Tables- Jimi Bruce
Mad Monk
Turnin Da Tables 2- Jimi Bruce
Leaping lizards
Lady of the house
Tracy Young
Club News
Just a little bit
Digweed At The Red
A review of sorts

Tech Talk
Pro Audio Systems -Gerry Hayden

Clean Those Microphones
Bring back the sound

DJ's April Fool joke leads to edge of disaster
Look up in the sky!













Karaoke Lounge


Vicar in tune with karaoke hymn-singing
Heavenly Karaoke
Policeman shoots two who booed his karaoke
Hecklers beware
Singing Machine Co. Signs License Agreement
Deal for MTV branded discs
Shure Sponsors `Hamburger' Contest
Sing for your supper
Singing Their Hearts Out 
Win a trip to Nashville
Karaoke News
MTV hits high note with `Karaoke'.
Hun Sen calls for ban on 'sexy' clothes on Cambodian TV
Karaoke Amateurs Carry Latest Levi's TV Advertising Tune
The irock! MP3 Player Line From First International Digital, Inc.
The Singing Machine Co. To Begin Trading 

Top Karaoke
Top Sellers 
See what selling!








DJ Profiles
Sharon Elias
Black Tie Entertainment

On Video
Cha Cha Slide -Sid Vanderpool
CJ The DJ drops it down for you

DJzone Labs
Terapin CD Video Recorder -Rick Smith





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