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Ace of Base Comeback in July 2002
Brand New Radio Single in July
First New Studio Album in 4+ Years in September

(New York City, NY) -  Following months of lobbying by fans across the globe, the record labels representing the Swedish band Ace of Base have announced the release of the 5th Ace of Base album in September of this year.  At this time the title of the new album has yet to be released to the public.  (Previous albums included Happy Nation/The Sign, The Bridge, Cruel Summer/Flowers, Singles of the 90's/Greatest Hits).

The first new single off the record will be released in July, beginning with European radio.  

The release of the album around the world will take place thereafter and many who have already heard some of the snippets from the album calling it Ace of Base's best work ever.

Tom Bohne of Polydor/Universal Music Group said, "We all think that this album is a fantastic one, which will bring back the band to Top of the Pops after 4 years absence... The first single is set to be a smash."

That comment was echoed by Edel-Mega records executive Freddie de Wall who also promised that the album release would begin with, "a fantastic 1st single."

Billboard columnist Fred Bronson said in a recent column that:

"...when I was in the offices of Mega Records in Copenhagen in May 2001, I heard excerpts from two new Ace Of Base tracks.  I loved what I was hearing and thought the two songs ranked ... as two of the best songs the band had ever recorded."

The comeback by Ace of Base was announced at the group's official website.  To see a copy of the news release go to:

Additionally, members of the band have begun to talk to the press with the group's Ulf Ekberg concluding that, "this is our best work ever."


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