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New Multi-track Mixing Software Released for 
Disc Jockeying and Home Music Mixing

New Multi-track Mixing Software Released for Disc Jockeying and Home Music Mixing

March 9, 2002 - Tidal Productions LLC announces the release of OnCue Audio Mixing System, a multi-track editing system for mixing music digitally by Disc Jockeys or home users. Using a full-featured multi-track editor, all users can mix music together visually using a number of built-in aids such as a Mixing Wizard and Cue Points. The software also features built-in special effects, fault-tolerant Sound Server for reliability, and a music management system for tracking large music collections stored on and offline.

Disc Jockeys can also use OnCue for real-time mixing. Using a number of innovative features such as "Commit" and "Revert", Disc Jockeys can modify and test parts of their set separately from what is heard by the audience. This allows Disc Jockeys to experiment in real-time without the risk of the audience hearing incomplete portions of their mixes. Disc Jockeys also have the power of combining an unlimited number of tracks together with any number of built-in effects, enabling them to create more innovative mixes spontanously while their set is playing.

Home users can use a subset of OnCue’s functionality to mix their MP3 music together into continuous mixes. This allows home users to breathe new life into their digital music collections, by creating continuous mixes that they can burn onto compact disc or mini disc, for listening while working out or on the go.

A full-featured 30 day trial of OnCue is available for download at After that, users must purchase an activation code for the software to continue to work. A Mix Creator code can be purchase for $24.95, enabling enough features for making mixes for CDs or mini-discs. Alternatively, a Disc Jockey code can be purchase for $59.95, fully enabling the software for mix creation or Disc Jockeying.

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