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Get Organized!
Sid Vanderpool- DJzone Editor

If you're like me, you've been searching for that perfect way to organize your music. Since my change over from jewelcases to the lighter viewpaks, which are more reminiscent to the record sleeves of my vinyl days, I have been searching for a way to organize my music much in the way I did back then. I made cards out of some heavy cardstock paper and printed nicely on them with a marker, something you'd think would work fine. But there is always a problem. After hauling my music around for only a couple of gigs the cardboard dividers would begin to get tattered and fall apart. The marker ink would rub off and would have to be reapplied. If I played outside and a raindrop hit them they were toast.

Then, out of the blue, I met Bob Savarese, the owner Music Trends and creator of the DJ Divider Cards. He sent me a set of his cards, and I've been sold ever since.

Now, I don't send any of my DJs out without Bob's DJ Divider Cards. They are the perfect solution for me.

The DJ Divider Cards not only solved every problem that I mentioned, but they've also provided many added benefits.

The cards are made of a heavy duty plastic and fit perfectly into my Univenture cases. They come preprinted with cards for each letter of the alphabet and just about every type and genre of music you will ever spin. Now our DJs don't forget to play those requests because they just drop the into the "Requests" section that is clearly marked with a card. The set even comes with a "Now Playing" card so you will have a place for the sleeves belonging to the music you have cued or are currently spinning. They're resistant to the elements. The cards are extremely strong, but are also as light as a feather and hold up to being hauled gig to gig.

Lightweight, heavy duty, preprinted, durable, the DJ Divider Cards from Bob Savarese at Music Trends are designed to provide the organization DJs have been screaming without sacrificing their professional look.




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