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Pioneer's CDJ-1000 Used at the Grammy Awards Show
DJ Rockwilder CDJ-1000 Used during Moulin Rouge Showcase

Music Produce Rockwilder, is one of the hottest producers in the Hip Hop Scene. He has Produced such songs as Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious Re-Mix", Jay-Z's "Do It Again", "Lady Marmalade" featuring Mya, Missy, Pink, Christina, and Missy for the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack, as well as several other hits. 

On Wednesday, February 27th, Rockwilder  DJed/Performed with the ladies of Moulin Rouge using 2 CDJ-1000 Digital Vinyl Turntables as well as the DJM-600 mixer.

In 1999, the name Rockwilder became as familiar to hip-hop fans as a pair of Technic 1200 DJ turntables. When Method Man and Redman rhymed over "Da Rockwilder", a song with a head-nodding hypnotic beat, it could be named after nothing other than its creator. With one song, 29-year old Dana Stinson, a/k/a Rockwilder, earned more prestige than most producers do in their entire career. "Even though I had been producing since 1990, that song put me in a different position because it was named after me. I was no longer just a producer. I was a producer/artist, on the same level as a Timbaland or a Swizz Beats", says Rock.

After paying his dues for over ten years with little recognition, Rock's well-crafted form of art was finally paying off. Quickly rising to the status of the most in-demand producer in hip-hop, Rockwilder took advantage of the situation. He went on to produce hits for rap's most elite group of artists, including Jay-Z for his hit single, "Do it Again". "This was the introduction to his highly anticipated fourth album, so I felt honored to have been the producer he chose to work with", recalls Rock.

The back-to-back success of "Da Rockwilder" and " Do it Again" helped Rockwilder's signature drum pattern and hardcore knock take over the airwaves of the nation's hottest hip-hop stations. And the producer's stock rose to bigger figures. "Artists that I respected but really didn't know started calling to work with me. It made me feel wanted and appreciated as a producer. Dr. Dre called me to work on Xzibit's album. I did a track where I used some hydraulic switches and he liked it", Rock says thankfully.

But while many producers in hip-hop are criticized for charging artists too much for their lack of creativity, it's Rockwilder's grass-roots approach to making music that has enabled him to formulate great relationships with the artists he works with. He agrees, " I can't just submit a tape to an artist with a whole bunch of beats on it. I like to know who the artist is so I could tailor the beats to the artist. For example, they wanted a song for Rah Digga, and I gave them "Break Fool" The beat fit her perfectly". Rockwilder's production resume dates back to Redman's "Dare Iz A Darkside" album. It was then that Rock developed his own style of making beats. "Ever since I was little, I've always been a music lover. When Red took me to California to work on a Def jam West Coast project way back when, the experience of being out there for the first time, in the studio and working on music really had an affect on my decision to produce professionally".

To date, Rockwilder has credits for the success of hip-hop hits as on the albums Lil Kim's "Notorious Lil K.I.M.," Big Pun's "You Came Up," and Redman's "I'll Be Dat" But like any aspiring producer, he was also responsible for contributing his talents and adding his two cents to other producer's tracks, as was the case with the Erik Sermon's produced "Reservoir Dogs" off of Jay-Z's multi- platinum in My Lifetime, Vol. 2.

Though making hip-hop beats is Rockwilder's forte, his recent success had him in the studio with Janet Jackson, working on her "All For You" album. "Working with Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis really helped me to sharpen my production skills. They introduced me to a side of producing that I had never seen", says Rock who now has five songs on her multi-platinum album. Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious Re-Mix" is also a hit with fans, which was also produced by none other than Rockwilder. His production credits also won recognition with the MTV award-winning "Lady Marmalade" single featuring Mya, Missy, Pink, Lil Kim, and Christina Aguilera. This single is also up for a Grammy this coming February. He has also finished working with Missy Elliot and Redman's fifth album, "Malpractice".

SPIN Magazine and Remy Liqueur recognized Rockwilder's accomplishments this year by throwing him a celebrity bash. While Rockwilder respects the fact that he has earned his recognition as a hip-hop producer, he is looking forward to working with artists outside the hip-hop genre. "Legendary artists like Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder inspired my career, and I hope to one day work on projects with them as well. I don't want to limit myself to just hip-hop", says Rock. It's that inspiration that has modified this producer to not just rock, but rock wild...thus the name.


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