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The Background Essentials – Promo Only

It's new! A 2-CD set containing over 30 light jazz, classical and ambient tracks specifically geared for dinner and cocktail play. Perfect for everything from banquet to formal dining play -- with a mix of lively 'happy hour' music thrown in as an icebreaker.


Perhaps one of the toughest calls we face as DJs is what to program for the inevitable banquets and cocktail parties that are a part of so many bookings. Program too rhythmic or intrusive a selection, and you're likely to disturb the setting. Program too ambient a track, and you run the risk of turning a social occasion into a slumber party.

Try The Background Essentials - a 2-disc set of dinner and cocktail music specifically designed for DJs who face the delicate balancing act required when working dining and conversational events.

Featuring over 30 never-before-released light jazz, flamenco, classical and ambient selections on two clearly labeled CDs, Background Essentials provides you with one convenient solution to any 'pre-game' programming problems:

Disc One, The "Dinner" disc, allows easy access to just the right mix of music for any dining or banquet event, while Disc Two, "Cocktail" provides just the right impetus to spur the friendly conversation that inevitably leads to dance floor play.

Sample some of the great selections on the discs by checking out the tracks listed to the left. This awesome 2-cd set is available for only $30 (includes shipping!) Call us today... Supplies are limited! 407-331-3600!


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