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Gemini's New PDT-6000 Turntable 
opens a new world for DJ's
by Grandmaster B

Experienced jocks understand that there are 2 rules that can't be broken when executing a perfect mix. 

Rule #1 is the Beats must match or compliment each other during the transition from one turntable to another. Adjusting the pitch control allows fine tuning of the tempo of the record you are trying to mix into.  But that's not all . . .

Rule #2 is that you have to mix to a piece of music in a complimentary  key.  This is where the musicianship comes in. It is easy to do a beat perfect mix that sounds absolutely wack because the keys of the songs just aren't compatible. For this reason, most jocks choose to do their mixes at the drum breaks because it's much easier to match keys. 

Can most DJ's explain this? Hell no, although we have learned through time that these rules always hold true.

For almost 30 years, DJ's have been spinning on direct drive turntables. The creators of the legendary SL1200 never had a clue as to what jocks would be doing with them in the year 2002. It wasn't planned, it just happened. A phenomenon that changed the Art of Spinning.  Can Gemini update the art?  You'll have to judge for yourself, but Gemini's new PDT-6000 gives today's creative jock a new set of tools for the next level of performance!

The Spin
At first glance, this turntable looked alot like it's Grandfather.  The new Gemini PDT-6000 weighs almost 33lbs., has a silver finish,  and an "S" shaped tonearm. It also has a heavy steel platter and an adjustable pillar tonearm making it look a lot like Grand Dad.


A Closer Look
A closer look at the pitch control area reveals something is very different here. The PDT-6000 has 2 sliders where the pitch control normally sits. One is marked Key Adjustment and the other is marked Pitch Adjustment. With the push of a button the Pitch Adjustment changes between 4%, 8%, 16% or 35%. A pushbutton on top of the Key Adjustment slider turns it on or off. In the on position, you have ability of adjusting the key of your record without messing with the pitch. What a great new tool for club jocks! On top of the Pitch Adjustment slider is another pushbutton for Master Tempo (just like CD players). So now I can raise the BPMs and the voices will continue to sound normal (no chipmunk voices). This is more power than I have ever been used to. Of course, if you want to lock the speed, they gave you a quartz lock button as well. The table plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records.

The Power
This is accomplished by the PDT-6000's ability to digitize the music from the needle and process it internally. The removable headshell allows installation of any popular cartridge and since the signal has been processed digitally, Gemini gives you a sp/diff (IEC988-II) BNC output on the back to plug directly into your computer or CD burner. This made it very easy to burn (archive) some of my old vinyl. The table also has a switched output that will deliver either line or phono output level signals to the RCA output jacks.

Looking Further
A large LED screen shows a digital readout of the current pitch. Push the button on the left side of the screen and it converts to an advanced Beat Keeper and shows the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of the record playing. Under the display are 2 controls that the SL1200 had buried under its platter. Braking Speed and Torque each have their own control and after you adjust them to your own liking, you just push down on them to lock the settings. A platter reverse pushbutton (with LED) is also included for creating fresh new beats.  or... to help maximize creativity.

So Get Me A Record Stat!
I'm a jock; I have been for over 30 years. I like what I like and am very hesitant of newcomers. For the final test, I grabbed a record from my bag and started to tinker around. Start up, Torque and Braking seamed identical to my old table. I played with the fine adjustments and this table felt really good. It appears that Gemini loaded a lot of rubber in the base of this, because my PDT-6000 sample wasn't as microphonic and played louder before feedback than I had ever experienced before. With a felt slipmat, I had no problem back spinning or cueing.

Next I engaged the Master Tempo . . . . Can you say better than Sex? As I pulled the pitch control forward the tempo got faster but the voices continued to sound the same. I then turned off the Master control and sure enough, I could change the tempo (pitch) and the key of the song independently. I'm in love.

No Disrespect Here 
The new Gemini PDT-6000 is extremely cool. The feel of a classic with the newest features to advance the art of spinning and creating music. The Engineers and DJs at Gemini definitely did their homework and have come out with a product that Old Grand Dad would be proud of.

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