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Pasadena Disc Jockey Takes a New `Look' at Pattern Baldness.

"Peace" Mark Thomas President of the ADJA
shown here with his "assistants" he brought in for the American Disc Jockey Awards in 1998

PASADENA, Calif.-- Disc Jockey "Peace" is a mobile entertainer who owns and operates Awesome Entertainment in Pasadena, California and the current president of the ADJA, American Disc Jockey Association. "Peace" has just said "no" to hair clubs and rogaine by removing the hair from his head for his lifetime.

Mark Thomas changed his image and announced his new name "Peace" in January of 1996 when he shaved his head onstage at the American Disc Jockey Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Peace" (the disc jockey formerly known as Mark Thomas) used the "Peace" symbol to parody the "artist formerly known as Prince" who changed his name to a graphical image.

After nearly three years of shaving his head to maintain his clean-cut image, "Peace" seeked out Dr. Elizabeth Scott of Advance Medical Group in Pasadena and requested that she remove his hair with her "Epilight" system. Dr. Scott is used to removing unwanted hair in areas like the underarms, backs or bikini lines and was surprised to get a request for an entire scalp. After careful discussion, she agreed to proceed with PEACE's request for hair removal on his head. The first treatment took place on September 23, 1998 and was the first of approximately three treatments necessary to give PEACE a lifetime of baldness.

"Epilight" is a relatively new procedure in the United States. The system works by generating a pulse of brilliant light that softly heats and destroys the hair follicle. It is quicker and painless compared to traditional methods of hair removal like electrolysis. Although PEACE's friends and business associates advised against the procedure, PEACE is looking forward to maintaining a razor-free lifestyle and enjoys being bald.

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