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Vinyl Record Day to Celebrate 
Friends, Family and Music

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA  Who doesn't have a favorite song that connects to friends, family, or a special time?  Taking time to celebrate the memories of music, "Vinyl Record Day" will take place Saturday, August 17, 2002 in San Luis Obispo, California on the Mission Plaza, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The purpose of this day-long event is to encourage celebrating those good, positive memories associated with great music. All ethnic backgrounds, ages, economic levels, makes no difference. Everyone has a favorite song to enjoy with a good memory. 

Vinyl Record Day is the brainchild of local investment counselor Gary J.  Freiberg, a music enthusiast and patent holder of "The Record Album Frame," an acrylic frame to display album cover art. The frames have decorated the halls of the Smithsonian, the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando; they are the only product of their kind sold at Graceland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

"The objective of Vinyl Record Day," says Freiberg, "is to remember that, whatever we go through on a personal or national level, life has its goodness. Music is the primary vehicle to our fondest memories, Vinyl Record Day is to celebrate and remember them." This event will hopefully say, "Let's remember our favorite music, let's remember fond memories, let's celebrate our good times," says Freiberg, host of KVEC radio's popular "Financial Fitness" program.

Encouraged by Dick Clark and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Vinyl Record Day is intended to appeal to all ages, economic levels, and ethnic backgrounds. Scheduled activities will range from Swing dance to teenage DJ mix contest and demonstration. Exhibitors include rare photos of music artists from Michael Ochs'  Archives, original 1960s rock posters, classic phonographs and radios, a record mart, and a historical display of album cover art. Music will be both live, and of course, vinyl.

In a 5-0 vote, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors recently declared August 12, 2002, as the official, countywide inaugural Vinyl Record Day.  August 12th, 1877 is the date Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.

"The vinyl record is a symbol of all American music from Country to Blues, to Rock to Jazz". [It] should be commemorated, not forgotten, for its unique contribution to our society," the Board of Supervisors declared in a specially prepared resolution.

For a full schedule of activities or for information about becoming involved, log onto or call 1-888-644-4567

Vinyl Record Day is a celebration of music and memories that will be taking place in San Luis Obispo, California's Mission Plaza on August 17th, 2002.  The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to recognize Vinyl Record Day earlier this year on February 19.

The conception of Vinyl Record Day sprang from Gary J. Freiberg, a radio host and investment counselor in San Luis Obispo County.  

The purpose of Vinyl Record Day is to encourage celebrating those good, positive memories associated with great music. It is also intended to be an affirmation of the following facts: friends are important, family is important, and the memories shared through music should be celebrated and remembered.

The organic music that was born here in the United States like Jazz, Blues and Rock and Roll are all integral parts of American history, and the record album  the LP  is pure Americana. Since the 1940s, music has been an integral part of American history.

What would the 50s have been like without Elvis or the 60s without the Beatles? How much did disco influence clothing, attitude and culture in the 70s? What has rap music meant in America since Run DMC's rap version of Walk This Way topped record charts in the 80s on vinyl? And in the 90s when compact discs were the music format of choice, Pearl Jam made international news by mandating the release of their Vitalogy album on vinyl.

Technology has changed how the world listens to music, but doesn't lessen the collective affection for the music format that brought music out of concert halls and radios and into living rooms and bedrooms. The fondest memories of music were born on the vinyl record. First loves don't fade, but instead grow stronger over time.


The conception of Vinyl Record Day sprang from Gary J. Freiberg, a radio host and investment counselor in San Luis Obispo County for more than 15 years. 

Freiberg is a music enthusiast and is the patent holder of The Record Album Frame, a device that holds vinyl records and displays them as works of art.  Freiberg's invention adorns the halls of the Smithsonian, the Hard Rock Café in Orlando, and is the only product of its kind sold at Graceland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Freiberg designed "The Record Album Frame" with his wife Mary, and engineer, on the back of a paper napkin over dinner.

Freiberg is also the owner and operator of Rock Art Picture Show. Rock Art Picture Show creates frames for all forms of vinyl art, Picture Sleeves, Picture Discs (both 7" and 12"), and LP covers.

Freiberg's radio program "Financial Fitness" airs on KVEC (AM 920) in San Luis Obispo and offers free, creative and useful financial advice to the community. On his program, Freiberg preaches the values of being financially fit to his listeners.

In 1991, his love of music led Freiberg to write and produce his own single, "Those Economy Blues." And, according to Gary, someone outside of his circle of immediate family and friends actually bought a copy of the single at a local record store.

Gary is not a first time inventor, either. Before conceiving Vinyl Record Day, Freiberg conceived and created "Flick-It, a stress toy for the office or car. 



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