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Oct/Nov 2002

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Doing the Biz:
Powerpacked articles to help your business

The 9-to-5 Home Business Tug of War 
Working a full-time job while developing a business
Who Do You Trust?
Customers can tell fairly quickly if the business is customer driven or sales driven
How to Get More Referrals
Value of word-of-mouth advertising
How to Advertise Your Business on Cable TV--Big Results, Low Cost 

Halloween Special:
Build a Fog chiller
It's cool
Halloween Tunes
Here's our list

The Music & MP3:

Gemini MP-3000X Dual CD/MP3 
Digital mp3 cd player
Reducing gaps and jumps when playing MP3 music
Boxer Boogie
Does Kmart have a hit?
Promo Only Turnkey Video System
A one box solution!

Hot Wire:
DJ News
Find Your DJ Moves
Ipod DJing
DJ booth complete with a pair of iPods
DJ wannabes heading back to school 
Would-be deejays can attend a new DJ S'cool
Karaoke Meets Steroids! 
Interactive Music Experience 

New Gear:
Gear News
2002 PLASA Product Excellence Award
DN-D9000 New Plug-in
1,000,000+ Watts of Crown Down Under
Stanton Scooped the Pool
15th anniversary of Sound Dynamics
American Audio's Velocity Dual CD Player
The evolution of the digital DJ continues
XPsound Launches New Product -XP201
Convert that vinyl on your PC
Rane Empathy
Grandmaster Flash and Rane technology
Gemini CD-2000X
Realtime Scratching and more
BPM104 Beat Counter
BPM104 Beat Counter
Gemini PDT6000 Turntable
Vinyl is alive and well
CDJ-800 Digital Vinyl Turntable
Pioneer Unleashes Digital Power 
Stanton announced that the DFX-1
Trackball controlled audio signal processor

New Lights:
Martin Gets Freakie
Check out their latest

Conventions & Events:
DJTimes Bucks Trend
World's Largest DJ Show

DJzone Roonie G Exclusive
An interview with the master
Paul Oakenfold - The Selekta Interview
Everyone knows Paul Oakenfold

Tech Talk
Wired Up
Balanced or not







DJ Profile
Rob Tissera

Gear Reviews
Gemini CS-19/R Club Installation Mixer
Pro-spec features for a price that is unbeatable

Book Reviews
The Ultimate Book of DJ Games
page after page of exciting all-ages games



Gemini CS-19

The Ultimate Book of DJ Games



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