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Karaoke Meets Steroids! 
MusicPlayground's Interactive Music Experience Changes the Face of Karaoke as We Know It.

ANDOVER, Mass. -- It's like karaoke on steroids! It's MusicPlayground. The introduction of this interactive music experience lets users sing and perform along with their favorite artists. Best of all, no musical talent is required. Karaoke and music enthusiasts alike can bring the party home with this PC-based software that makes use of virtual instruments, allowing users to play the guitar and drum parts of their favorite songs whether or not they can really play an instrument.

With a V-Pick(TM) virtual guitar pick or V-Stix(TM) virtual drum kit and a microphone plugged directly into the back of a PC running the MusicPlayground software, an ordinary PC transforms into interactive rock & roll machine. A series of interactive CDs work with the MusicPlayground player to run the songs' lyrics superimposed over background animation to create a total in-home interactive multimedia experience.

Available now at, MusicPlayground users can access hundreds of songs covering all genres of music -- songs popularized the Beatles, Motley Cure, the Who, Madonna, Pat Benatar, Smash Mouth, No Doubt, Barenaked Ladies and many more. MusicPlayground lets users create their own karaoke party. MusicPlayground is available in four different packages, including a special Beatles Edition, ranging in price from $19.95 to $69.95, that include a V-Pick(TM) virtual guitar (or bass) pick, a CD with MusicPlayground Player software, and direct access to the company's continuously expanding online music jukebox of licensed songs.

Getting started is easy. With a multimedia equipped PC and Windows(R)98/Me, users simply install MusicPlayground's Player software onto their hard drive and plug in their virtual instruments. Start up the MusicPlayground Player software, select a song and play along by striking the virtual instrument in time with the on-screen Rhythm EKG (TM) rhythm guide. Song lyrics are superimposed on top of video/animation content for a total entertainment experience.

Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, MusicPlayground, Inc. is a leading music technology and entertainment company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Namco Limited of Japan. Founded in 1993, MusicPlayground, the owner of five patents worldwide covering real-time interactive signal processing technology that allows general music consumers to play-along with musicians without having to know how to play an instrument.


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