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Stanton announced that the DFX-1, the first trackball controlled audio signal processor, has begun shipping.

Exposing the DJ to a new level of audio effects control, the DFX-1 features 85 basic and combination effect presets, which are synchronized to any audio source on-the-fly using Stanton's advanced BPM engine. Designed for both live and recording applications, the DFX-1 has both RCA & 1/4 " connections.

Since the trackball's X axis and Y axis allow control of separate effect parameters, the user can simultaneously control the effect delay time and feedback on the filter effects, while using a wide smooth sweep. The trackball will allow the operator to start with his favourite presets -- such as Echo, Stereo Pan, Transformer, Flanger, Filter, Auto-Filter, Reverb, and Pitch Shifter -- and deviate from there to create even more dynamic effects. A quick spin of the trackball will create hyper filter effects or a tour around the globe will deliver more transitional fluid effects.


  • Trackball controls effects parameters on an X-axis (left to right) and Y-axis (up and down)

  • 85 Presets include Echo, Stereo Pan, Transformer, Flanger, Filter, Auto-Filter, Reverb, and Pitch Shifter
  • Advanced BPM engine synchronizes the effects to the beat of the music
  • BPM counter features three BPM range settings and tap function
  • 5-Beat Selector buttons instantly change the effects speed to create different rhythmic patterns of effects
  • Dry/Wet Mix control
  • Bright LCD screen displays selected preset, type of effect, BPM count and exact point of X /Y parameters
  • RCA & 1/4 " line inputs and outputs
  • Effect bypass switch

For more information, visit their web site at

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