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CDJ-800 Digital Vinyl Turntable
Pioneer Unleashes Digital Power To Djs Around The World

The Pro Audio Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announced the launch of the CDJ-800 digital vinyl turntable, making its ground-breaking technology available to more DJs than ever before. The design of this new Pro DJ turntable is based on the company's world-renowned jog wheel (first seen on its flagship CDJ-1000).

It also offers many of the functions that have made the CDJ line so popular in the industry. The compact, silver colored CDJ-800 boasts five completely new and unique features, including Quick Return, Auto Beat Loop, Touch Release Dial, "Wide" Pitch Control and Digital Out. Even with the addition of these unique features, the CDJ-800 is as uncomplicated and easy to use as the simplest analog deck - which many DJs may now wish to replace.

Best of Both Worlds
DJs can take their skills to new levels of performance and creativity with the CDJ-800, using Pioneer's jog wheel technology that has reinvented the art of DJing, The jog wheel reproduces the touch and feel of an analog deck while the unit provides an impressive array of innovative digital functions. In Vinyl mode, the touch-sensitive jog wheel allows DJs to stop/cue up tracks and bend and scratch sounds. In CDJ mode, the jog wheel lets DJs speed up or slow down the music, fine-tune cue points and use all the other acclaimed CDJ functions.

Innovative New Features
When using Vinyl mode the Quick Return feature enables a track to return instantly again and again to a cue point just by pressing the surface of the jog wheel.

The Auto Beat Loop feature uses four timing buttons to instantly create perfect one, two, four or eight beat loops. When a loop has been produced manually with the loop in and loop out buttons, this feature allows instant 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 beat cuts of the initial loop.

The Touch Release Dial allows CDs playing in Vinyl mode to be slowed, stopped and relaunched at different speeds when the jog wheel is touched or released.

Playing out can also be enhanced with the deck's "Wide" Pitch Control function. DJs can use the +/- 100 percent pitch control range to create new sound effects from opposite ends of the sound spectrum and also to BPM match completely different tracks.

The Digital Out function ensures that all of the CDJ-800's digital features are carried over to any connected digital environment.

Lasting Legends
The CDJ-800 also includes legendary Pioneer functions such as Master Tempo and Cue/Loop Memory. Master Tempo locks the pitch of a track even when its speed is changed, allowing DJs to speed up or slow down the beat, without any difference to the vocals and instruments. Cue/Loop Memory allows a DJ to set a cue or loop point and then save it to the deck's internal memory. The CDJ-800 has enough capacity to save one cue point for up to 500 CDs, so that DJs can locate their favorite cue points instantly.

The Future - Now
The stunning-looking CDJ-800 unleashes the company's cutting edge technology onto the worldwide stage and delivers digital power to aspiring and professional DJs today. The CDJ-800 will be available beginning in November for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $999.

Specifications of CDJ-800

  • System: Compact Disc Digital Audio System

  • Disc Format: CD, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 18W
  • Net Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12" (W) by 13-9/16" (D) by 4-5/16" (H)
  • Audio Frequency Response: 4Hz to 20kHz
  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 115 dB or more (JEITA)
  • Distortion: 0.006% (JEITA)


Accessories Include:

  • Operating Manual

  • Power Cord
  • Stereo Phono Cable
  • Control Cord
  • Forced Eject Pin

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