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BPM104 Beat Counter

Kaysound is pleased to introduce, straight from Australia, the BPM104 Beat Counter for DJ's.

The BPM104 is fully automatic: it automatically adjusts input levels and does not interfere with the headphone signal. It is extremely accurate, light, portable, looks great and comes with a clip to fasten to a mixer or rack. With a list price of $119.00, it is an excellent value.

The BPM104 is a fully automatic, versatile tool, that provides accurate BPM information for a wide range of music styles, from simple 4/4 Dance music to more intricate Hip-Hop and Break Beat styles. It can be connected to any headphone or line level output, and adjusts automatically to the input signal level that is present.


  • An indispensable tool for DJ's who want to catalog their music, train for the perfect mix, and out-perform their competition when playing in the clubs.

  • For professional DJ's who want the edge when playing on a fixed setup. The BPM104 is compatible with all existing mixers. It's dedicated BPM engine offers superior performance over virtually all mixer/beat counter combos.
  • Extremely portable. Throw it in your kit for fast accurate BPM information where ever you are playing. Comes with a carry case to protect the screen from scratching when on the move.
  • Setup is as quick and easy as plugging in headphones. Plugs into the mixer headphone output, no messing around with cables behind the console.
  • Also connects directly to a wide range of equipment such as PC's, portable CD/MP3 players, and even microphones. The BPM104 can be used to monitor a live drum kit, or even used in a recording studio for accurate, real-time BPM information.


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