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American Audio's Velocity Dual CD Player
Takes Digital DJ Revolution To Next Level

The evolution of the digital DJ continues along the path blazed by the Pro Scratch 2 with American Audio's newest Professional Dual Deck CD player, the Velocity.  An amazing breakthrough unit, the Velocity will enhance creativity and expand the way DJs play.

Loaded with professional features-including Tempo Lock (Master Tempo), +/- 4, 8,16 and 100% (hyper) pitch control, BPM Counter, Seamless Looping, Reverse Play, 9 on-board FX, and Real Time Scratching-the Velocity brings a new arsenal of creative possibilities to DJs and producers/remix artists.  This feature-packed unit gives DJs the tools necessary for use in any situation where total control is a must.

"The Velocity is much more than a CD player-it's truly a complete digital instrument for the DJ and re-mixer," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio.  "With this incredible piece of gear, your hands can actually create all the sounds, tracks and mixes that you've ever 'heard' or imagined in your head. And you can do it all on the fly."

The Velocity's most distinguishable feature are its Dual "Power Touch" interactive jog wheels, which are also utilized on American Audio's Pro Scratch 2 digital turntable. This patent-pending system is responsive only to the human touch, and is being hailed for ushering in a new era of CD scratching.  This feature, referred to as "Digital Scratching 2.0," is a technology available exclusively from American Audio.  The jog wheel offers two modes of scratching: Digital Scratch and Beat Juggle Mode, which provides the user with instant return to a set cue point when the platter is touched.

No other CD player can match the Velocity's professional features and simplicity of use.  There are nine on-board FX, which, in addition to Digital Scratching, include:  Filter, Echo, Transform, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop. Each of the FX are easily selected at the press of a button and can be layered over one another for endless creative possibilities. All of the FX come equipped with 6 Pre-Set Parameters (P.S.P.), which allow the synching of the effect to the music. Or you can adjust the parameters using the Parameter Time and Parameter Radio knobs to manipulate the effect to your personal preference.

Of course, the Velocity wouldn't be an American Audio CD player if it didn't include the "must-haves" for today's performing DJs-True Instant Start, Anti-Shock Memory (10 seconds per drive), Fader Q Start (when combined with American Audio Q-Series Mixers), and even a personal security feature known as the Lock Out Mode.  Also included are 3 Flash Cues per deck, which allow storage of cue points and can also be used as a sampler which can store up to a 7-second sample per flash cue and play back that sample with or without a CD in the drive.

It should come as no surprise that the revolutionary Velocity has already drawn rave reviews from some of the nation's top DJs, including Gerald "World Wide" Webb, the world's first digital turntablist. "The Velocity is one of the most powerful digital turntables to date," remarks Webb.  "It's the first rack mount style CD player I actually enjoy working on.  I am excited to see companies like American Audio offering gear that propels the digital turntablism art form."

Included with every Velocity is a free instructional video which features Webb giving expert pointers on using the Velocity and its features, as well as performances by nationally-known DJ S.K.I.L.Z. and Omar Santana.  "The video not only provides easy-to-follow instructions from the pros on how to use the Velocity, but seeing these phenomenal performers up close will inspire DJs and will further expand the way they play," said Brown.

As ideal for the mobile DJ as it is for the club, stage or studio, the Velocity includes a 4-space controller and can be used as either a rack mountable or tabletop unit.  The deck comes with four sturdy rubber feet.  Dimensions for the main Velocity unit are 19"W x 3.5"H x 10"D (2 rack spaces).  Dimensions for the control unit are 19"W x 7"H x 2"D (4 rack spaces).  Designed for easy portability, the total weight of both pieces is just 16 lbs.

Other features of the Velocity include: headphone output with volume control; single/continuous play; selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display.  Frequency Response is 20Hz-20KHz +/-1dB.  T.H.D.: 0.03%.  S/N Ratio: 85dB. Over Sampling Rate: 8 times.  Suggested retail price is $1699.95.


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