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Gemini CD2000X

Just-arrived from Gemini is the CD-2000X Pro Dual CD Player.  This is so much more than just a CD player that it truly requires closer inspection.  First, there is the advanced Digital Signal Processing.  Powerful DSP effects include Zoom, Reverse, Filter, Echo and Brake.  This dual unit also offers Real-time Interactive Scratching, allowing the DJ to take his performance to the next level and incorporate vinyl-like techniques into his program like scratching and backspins.  There are six Instant Start cue points that can be used as Hot Keys to instantly jump to any cue position or for creating stutter effects, and two adjustable Seamless Loops for ultimate creativity in performance.  An 8-second sampler allows you to capture any portion of the program and layer it into any other part of the track for on-the-fly remixing.  Master Tempo allows for a drastic change in tempo without sacrificing music pitch.  This can be vital since the CD-2000X features a Super-Pitch Control with switchable ranges of +/-4%, 12%, 24%, and 100%.  A BPM counter, Anti-Shock, and Robo-Start round off the long list of essential features of this loaded piece of gear!  For vinyl-like control over a CD performance, the CD-2000X is at the top of its game.

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