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The Gemini MP-3000X Dual CD/MP3
Player Revolutionary? I Think So...

Once upon a time, almost 13 years ago, before the Internet, the first dual-transport, instant start, frame-accurate CD player appeared on the DJ scene. What a great concept! Two instant start CD players built into a rack-mountable chassis that was designed to allow the DJ of the future to mix CDs the same way they used to mix records. It changed the way DJs worked. Mobile DJs didn't have to carry heavy turntables or cases of records. Club DJs could play the latest compilations of new music (supplied by the record labels) on little silver plastic discs. Life was good.

Then came the Internet. And the rules changed again. The problem with large .WAV files used to create CDs is just that-they are too darn big. It took too long to transmit a song over the Internet. Once again, computer programmers came to the rescue and developed a compression coded to shrink these files. By compressing the .WAV files used by audio CDs via a new compression scheme called MP3, people could send music all over the world via the net. MP3 changed the face of music! By ripping a music file via MP3, the compressed file could now be 4% of the original audio file size and still retain stereo high fidelity. Sounds amazing, huh?

How could this affect DJs?
What if you could carry over 150 high fidelity stereo tunes on a single CD-ROM?  You could travel even lighter! A 12-pocket CD carrying case could hold over 1500 songs. Are the wheels turning yet? A mobile DJ can archive his music collection to MP3 (yes, the RIAA says it's legal) and really become mobile!

Enter the DJ engineers at Gemini. Listening to what DJs really want, Gemini introduces to DJs the new MP3000X, the world's first dual transport Compact Disc player that also reads and plays MP3 CD-ROMs designed just for jocks! At first glimpse, this unassuming well-styled machine looks similar to most other dual transport CD players. But looks can be deceiving. This innovative unit has the ability to play standard audio CD's, CD-Rs, CD-RWs or computer-burned MP3 CD-ROMs. Can you say "revolutionary?"

Let's Look Closer
The MP-3000X is comprised of a 2-rack space, rack-mountable dual transport and a 3-rack space remote control. The large jog wheels have been designed to be dual purpose. They can be used to find any spot on a disc and pause it for instant start, or they will advance the CD-ROM from track to track. Remember that each MP3 disc can hold up to 999 tracks, so getting to the track you need quickly becomes much more important. The blue LCD display looks similar to most professional CD players with the addition of an extra digit on the track display. Illuminated tactile rubber pushbuttons let you know exactly what each transport is doing and ensure quick access. The variable pitch control  has 3 range selections for total user customization. This unit even had Robo Start (Gemini's relay play feature for nonstop cocktail music) and digital outputs (IEC95811/SPDIF) on the back for using this deck to feed your computer digital data stream.

I'm Feeling the Power
My test drive was a no-brainer. There was no learning curve since its controls are similar to most other professional DJ CD players I have tried. The exception: I now had 150 songs at my fingertips on both transports. 300 songs without changing ROMs! And I'm able to manipulate each track exactly the way I would any audio CD; Instant start, frame-by-frame, and pitch bend! Gemini also did a great job on their digital-to-analog converter circuitry because this player sounded great when I cranked the volume. This unit also features anti-shock protection, so when the party gets rockin', the MP-3000X won't skip.

Forget About It...
I'm not giving this one back. Got to go now and cancel my health club membership. Don't need it anymore. I'm now traveling lighter thanks to Gemini. "Turn and face the strange. Ch...Ch... Changes!"


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