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XPsound Launches New Product -XP201

Give your vinyl discs a new life! The new "XP201" is a unique Phono/Mic pre-amp which provides a combination of hard and software to achieve high quality transfer of old records and cassettes to your home PC , CD's and DVD's in addition to offering a handy high quality microphone pre-amp. The included software "Wave Purity" allows users to professionally edit their recorded audio. A fully functional 30 day trial of the popular "Rip-Edit-Burn' software is also included on the shipping CD.

Because record players, tape recorders, microphones, and many other devices operate at differing audio levels, a phono/mic pre-amp like the "XP201" is required to match levels. The built in RIAA equalizer guaranties perfect processing of the incoming pick-up signals from your turn-table and provides users an unmatched listening experience. An adjustable microphone pre-amp allows users to connect and record high quality dynamic microphone signals directly to their PC. As an added bonus, a stereo headphone power-amp is accessible from the front panel.  A Karaoke program which lifts the vocal tracks from recordings is also included

Being housed in a compact shielded chassis, the XPsound "XP201" phono/mic pre-amp is completely protected against distortion and interference from your PC. The unit powers from either 9V battery, joystick connecter cable, or 9V power adaptor. Audio connection to the computer is simple. Just connect the audio ins and out on the rear of the "XP201" to the ins and outs of your current soundcard!

Multi-media users wanting software that is easy to use will not be disappointed. The built in software is extremely powerful, yet simple to use. Included features of the included full version of "Wave Purity": Crackle & click removal, repair filters, gap removal, EQ, compression, hiss removal, dynamic FFT noise reduction, reverb, echo, stereo expansion, FFT frequency spectrum, oscilloscope, level meters, signal generator, editor, etc. All functions are of excellent quality and as such do not effect the original audio quality of your recordings. The software works on all versions of Windows, the hardware will work on Mac, PC or portable computers.

When Danny Olesh (Product Manager) from XPsound was asked about the new product release he said, "We have had so many people requesting this product, we had no choice but to submit and make it!".

XPsound is located in Melbourne, Australia. The company strives to provide top quality products for the home audiophile market.

For additional information on the "XP201" or XPsound, please visit their Web site at

List Price: $149.00

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