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Find Your DJ On The Move the first DJ job lead referral Internet web site is pleased to announce our affiliation with DJzone, the premier DJ information sharing online network.

Ed Price and Tony Valentine of FindYourDJ decided to approach Sid Vanderpool of DJzone approximately 3 months ago. Ed and Tony realized that the continued success of FindYourDJ required a higher level of visibility not only to the mobile DJ community but to the buying public as well. DJzone affords us this visibility.

This affiliation is the first of many improvements in the works at FindYourDJ. One such  improvement was the change of hosting for the FYDJ web site to the DJzone servers. FYDJ joins other such high profile companies like Dell, Gemini Sound Products, BMP Entertainment and USODJA, that are already hosted by the premium technology afforded by DJzone. Other changes are on the way. Utilizing software that was originally developed by the DJzone code writers in 2002 for use by national association FYDJ will be riding on the cutting edge. Log on frequently to see the changes unfold. is a privately owned partnership whose primary objective is to provide the Mobile DJ with viable job leads and benefits. FindYourDJ is not a DJ Association.

USODJA Now Offers Insurance 

USODJA has teamed up with DJNET (Disc Jockey Referral Network, Inc.) to provide Liability and Property Insurance! Below is a rough outline of what we will be providing, a formal link to the plan and forms will be posted on our portal page in a few days! All questions will be handled by Rich Tibbits of the Disc Jockey Referral Network, Inc. An email address will be in the link. When reviewing the costs, remember the key savings is that you do not pay membership fees with the USODJA, so you are already saving upwards of $125.00

General Liability Insurance

USODJA is now offering a group GL insurance policy that is currently issued by Western World Insurance in the aggregate amount of $2,000,000 with a per occurrence limit of $1,000,000 and no deductible for filed claims.

Members are added to the policy as “additional insured’s” and receive equal coverage under the terms of the policy. The policy is renewed annually on October 10th and may include modifications of costs and terms from time to time. A summary of the current USODJA GL policy terms of coverage including exclusions, requirements, and premium costs will soon be available for review. Additional insured’s may be added at any time during the policy year

and premiums may be pro-rated on a quarterly basis.

There are 4 special classifications for “additional insured’s” to the GL policy that correspond to the descriptions of USODJA membership classifications. Single, dual, multi-class 1, and multi-class 2 refer to the 4 levels of exposure for the risk assumed by the insurance carrier. Applicants must certify that their business meets one of the 4 classifications in order to receive claim benefits. An inappropriate classification can be cause for claim denial.

DJNET® Property Loss Fund

The DJNET® Property Loss Fund is a cooperative means of protecting property assets of fund members by pooling contributions into a common cash reserve for use by fund members who suffer property losses. The PLF fund is owned by DJRN members who elect to participate. Members of the USODJA who purchase GL insurance through the DJRN group policy will be allowed to participate in the PLF with certain restrictions. All contribution fees paid are considered to be fund principal to be used for operating expenses and loss payments. DJRN will not offer a financing plan for contribution fees.

Members of the USODJA who cancel GL insurance through the DJRN group policy will be disqualified for participation in the DJNET® Property Loss Fund. Loss payments for USODJA members will not be subject to deductibles stated in the PLF operating guide but will be compensated at a rate of 80% of any loss claim. All claims are reviewed and approved by the board of directors consisting of 3 PLF owner/members.





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