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An Interview with Roonie G

Pioneer and Promo Only hosted another awesome party at the DJ Times Expo. The DJs were treated to a stunning performance by Roonie G, who showcased the "Future of DJ'ing". The CDJ 1000's were the main stay of Roonie's battle weapons. If you do not know about the CDJ-1000's yet, they are the hottest new product by Pioneer. These CD Players are designed with the Turntablists in mind. They have the feel of a turntable with the hottest functions of today's CD Players. I sat down with Roonie to learn more about the CDJ-1000's and their place in the legacy of Turntablism.

Of course many Turntablists are very weary of any CD player that claims to bring the feel of a turntable to the CD generation. With this in mind, we discussed how the CDJ-1000 will make its mark in the Turntablist's bag of equipment.

Roonie has been DJ'ing for over 17 years and most of these years have been with his 1200's. In the late 90's, Pioneer approached Roonie about a new concept of manipulating CDs; of course Roonie felt that he could not give up his Turntables. Accepting the challenge, Roonie began with the Pioneer crew. We are going to skip ahead a few years now.

I asked Roonie what roll he played in the development of the 1000's. He smiled as he explained that he drew the design concept on a napkin while eating sushi. He explained that they did consult him on a few of the different functions that are included in the CDJ-1000. "I am proud to be a part of the development of the CDJ-1000, I have already equipped my club with the complete setup of 1000's" stated Roonie.

I asked how he feels about the new CDJs for Mobile DJs, Club DJs and Turntable DJs. For Mobile DJs he explained that it's a great new tool, but just because your average Mobile DJ gets on it, that does not make them a master on this CD player. It does not handle like any CD player out there on the market. You are the same level that you were at on your current setup... this also applies to the turntablists. For Clubs, they will be the new standard, providing all of the tools needed to put on a great show and  the added ability to show off a little skill.

Turntablists around the world have always had vinyl as their traditional media for music. "The tradition of Turntablism is not about the vinyl, it is the art. With the CDJ-1000, you preserve it by bringing the CD into the Art of Tunrtablism," stated Roonie G. He encourages all Turntablists to take a look into this great new tool for the Art. The adjustment from the Turntable to the CDJs takes about "10 Minutes" according to Roonie. "These CDJs are not going to make you better or worse." Like turntables, you have to practice and improve your skills. "I have my 1200's at the house of course, and always return to them. They will always be there for me when I need them."

While interviewing Roonie I had an exclusive sneak peak at the Pioneer booth while they were setting up. He showed me a few of the options that are on it. Though there was not power to the player yet, he had me spin the table and feel it. To my surprise, it had the feel of a direct drive turntable. I look forward to playing with them when the Exhibit Hall opens. Even with out playing with them, I am impressed with the CDJ-1000. I applaud Pioneer on the development of the first true Table-top CD Turntable. I would also like to take time to thank Roonie G. He has a great passion for the Tuntablists from around the world. He explains that the CDJ-1000's are the product that we have been waiting for to bridge the gap between manipulating music on vinyl and CDs.

"A Turntablist is an artist. He uses the Turntable as an instrument and the vinyl as its fuel. The CDJ-1000 takes the CD as its fuel and brings it to the Turntablist." DJ Haole


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