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Stanton Final Scratch Review

What is Final Scratch?

Final Scratch is one of those equipment that makes you wonder if someone (Stanton in this case) thinks it's April Fools day and time for some jokes... Final Scratch as it appears in not a joke, in fact it's a device that might revolutionize the dj and turntablist scene.

How it work in simple terms?

Final Scratch is an add-on device which will cost only around $500 and will give the opportunity to scratch any digital file (mp3, wav etc.) by using your very own turntables and mixer! The setup is very easy! It basically bridges your turntables and mixer with your pc (via USB). You will only need a decent soundcard on your pc cause all the work is done internally in Final Scratch. Full manipulation of your digital files is promised and because you are using your very own analogue turntables & mixer you will still get the vinyl's analogue touch & feel. Pitch shifting, scratching, needle droppin'... you name it it can be done.

The Final Scratch or FS10K PC package will be officially on Stanton dealers by April 2002. The MAC version will follow soon. The FS10K package will include the "Scratch Amp" device which will bridge your turntables & mixer with your PC, 2 specially coded vinyl records which look just like any other record, all required cables (USB, RCA etc.) and Final Scratch software.

Final Scratch by Stanton is a truly revolutionary gadget. It's actually more than a gadget... and if the production versions do what they claims it will, then the possibilities for all djs and turntablists of course will be endless... just the a 2" thought makes you dizzy of what can be achieved with a machine as this.

And the benefits of this gadget?
Well how can you count and present them all... Apart for the obvious one of not carrying a pile of records around you will be able to record anything you want on your PC and then scratch it! and all this in a matter of seconds... you are new to the turntablism for example and don't have a copy of "Toasted Marshmellow Breaks"? That's ok, you find a friend who does, record it, mp3-it and that'it! Now you have a copy, plus you are better off, cause you can cut & paste the bits you like...even better delete what you don't like and replace it anywhere you want from you "other" favorite vinyls!! Ok...the above might be kinda illegal but can always make a copy of your vinyls in mp3 and preserve the original to show to your grandsons after 40 years.

Have your really famous "Ahhhhh" scratching sound skratched a million times and at the end will still sound as new... cause now it will be digital! Some might say that analogue will still be analogue etc. etc. I promise that you want fins a more pro-vinyl person like me, but when it comes to a device like Final Scratch I am really excited to see it in action.

So now what?
Final Scratch is now on sale in the US and the first comments we got form users is that unfortunately... it's still a gadget. The problems are two: the timecoded vinyl records wear out way too easy and the response time isn't that great, while sometimes it get confusing due to the delay in the response.

Editor Note:
Since this review has been written I am told the Final Scratch has been perfected and is a great new tool for DJs that want to carry less and play more. Stanton has recently released a cd adapter for the Final Scratch System. More information on that can be found here. Final Scratch Cd Adaptor Kit


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