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Dancing DJs How to Videos

Back to Basics
Dancing DJs have taken their years of experience of being in the DJ business and broken it down into an easy to understand basic video series. I was able to have a viewing of three of these videos and here are my findings.

Creative Games and Exciting Contests
Geared towards the people that are just getting into adding a few games to their lineup, this video demonstrates some age-old party games. From Huggy bear to the beach games, it gives a DJ some simple to understand games to play with their clients using easy to find props.

New DJs, this video is for you if you want to add a few games for youth events or picnics.

Follow Me's/Line Dance and Groovin' Moves
There must be five ways to do every dance out there because now I have seen another new way to perform some very popular dances. The Dancing DJ dancers (try saying that 5 times fast) display their choreograph skills with some preparatory versions of some dances that have been around in the business for many years. They take you step by step through the dance, then they add music. I can only think that they could not get the rights to use the original music or names for the dances because in both cases, they had their own versions. In other words, the music was like a bad karaoke version, but who needs music when you have the moves? Learn the moves and add your own music!

If you are just getting into the business or wish to try doing some popular dances a different way, this is a great video for you to learn from.  

Sales and Marketing
This video starts out a little slow with some very basic down to earth selling tools and quickly moves to marketing starting at the word "go". Since I have been around a while in the business, it was a little tedious to watch, but I could see where this would be a great benefit to newbie DJs since selling DJ services is so much different than say selling a car. The section of the video I found most interesting was around the end where Bob Fias and Mike were sitting around and shooting the bull. This had many great nuggets of information that are usable to many of us. For the new DJ or the old DJ, it is worth it.

I found the overall quality of these videos to be above or equal to most of the DJ How-to videos that I have in my current library, but there is plenty of room for improvements. All of my How-to videos lack the production that is needed to really make them stand out. The camera angles (Can you say pay for a second or third camera?) are sometimes annoying and the sound is below par (particularly on the sales and marketing video where both people should have been wired with mics and the cell phone going off in the background , well&ldots;), but it's the content we all purchase these videos for and overlooking the production, these three videos have some major content that can help those starting out in the DJ Business and some "nuggets" for those already in the business.




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