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Feb 2003/Mar 2003

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NAMM Special:

Click here to see the new DJ gear displayed at Winter NAMM 2003Click to see the DJ new gear

Power Speakers Make Powerful Showing
A look at the powered speakers of NAMM
High Level Club DJ Roundtable at the NAMM Show
DJ Haole in da house
DJzone Crystal Disc Awards at the NAMM Show
DJ Haole in da house

Doing the Biz:
Powerpacked articles to help your business
Close More Sales 
Close more sales and make more money
Licking the Procrastination Habit  
Has procrastination become a habit?
Little Things Make or Break Service Success 
Do you remember their name?
Recruiting: Are You Hiring Charm or Competence?  
How are you doing it?

DjSoft Announces Event Manager 2.0 Release
DJ Business Software

The Music & MP3:

Music Stores Start Music Download Venture
What are they thinking?
Music Industry Shows Signs 
About time
Promo Only Productions Does It Again
Another remix credit

Hot Wire:
FindyourDJ Has New Look
Internet DJ Locator and benefits company
TASCAM's Parent Company Marks Anniversary 
Happy 50th

New Gear:
New gear from NAMM
Full coverage here

Conventions & Events:
Mobile Beat convention Las Vegas Feb 18-21
What to do during the Mobile Beat Show

Daytime Attractions
Seen that seminar 2 or 3 times or have family with you? Hit the town!
Live Stage Shows
Bored at night? Hit the town!
Karaoke Scene
Want to do some real karaoke? Hit the town!
Aerobics, games, skits? It's Vegas baby, hit the town!

Club 101:
Music Styles
A quick guide

High Level Club DJ Roundtable at NAMM Show
DJ Haole in da house
Delerium Remix Contest 
Get in on the contest
The Melting Pot Event
Club Event
Triple Threat
San Francisco-based DJ crew
Shure Searching for Emerging DJ/Producers
It's like Star Search for DJs

Radio New Series:
Air Play 101
Starting out


DJzone Cystal Disc Awards 2003

























Gear Reviews
Stanton Final Scratch 
Scratch your Mp3s

Book Reviews
Dancing DJs How to Videos
Something for all mobiles to look at






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