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Music Styles


Funky, groovy, commerical, cheesy, soulful, deep, disco, vocal, uplifiting - started off the dance scene in America, and later over here too. Frankie Knuckles being one of the big founders, helping the scene get going underground and soon formulating a new sound which will go worldwide. House is a very wide range of style. From 70s sort of disco, the soulful stuff more upbeat r'n'b and the deep stuff more dark and more downcast to the uplifting stuff normally. The music is very complex and well made, also it's not all computerised, made with real instruments and people who really know their music. Artists include King Unique, Spiller, Modjo, Madison Avenue, Richard Grey, Kings Of Tomorrow, Junior Jack, Ministers De La Funk, Bob Sinclair and David Morales, (Roger Sanchez, Junior Sanchez, Masters at Work, Todd Terry in fact, I'm stopping there, just be asured there's LOTS of them)


Upbeat r'n'b, normally contains loads of remixes of r'n'b tunes. The beat is very complexed, known as two step, instead of a normal 1-2-3-4 beat the beat may also contain a top hat or another beat in between so it becomes 1-(hat)-2-(hat)-3-(hat)-4. Artists include:-Artful Dodger, B15 Project, DJ Luck and MC Neat.


Mentioned this quite a bit, popular in America and has now become more part of the pop scene with artists such as Eminem, Shaggy, Britney and J'LO describing their music as R'N'B which is complete bollocks. R'n'B is smooth, sexy, very well made and the music tells a story. The music is very relaxing and gets you in the mood as in the words of Trevor Nelson "to make lurrrve". Very very smooth. Artists include:-Joe, Sunshine Anderson and Craig David. (I don't know many-not my style!!)

Progressive House

Dark, deep, thumping, tribal-Unlike house described earlier, this type of house is exactly what is "progressive" used by trance DJs to start of their sets. You can't really describe progressive house, you've got to hear it, as Sander Kleinenburg says "it's an emotion, a feeling" and it is. It's not like house and it's not trance and it's not really a mixture. Just dark, deep powerful tunes, really emotional. Especially Max Graham's stuff-wicked-really well made and it's just really good to listen to!! Artists include:-Sander Kleinenburg, Seb Fontaine, Max Graham, Lucien Foort, Sputnik, XPress2, Futureshock and Peace Division. (Sasha and Digweed have largely gone back to the prorgessive thing again - which is grrrrrrreat! Recess)


Sometimes commercial and cheesy, energetic, harder, uplifting, melodic-It hasn't been around as long as house but it's certainly made a bigger impact. You will always find this playing somewhere. Big powerful basslines and thumping drumbeats. Computer made, from synths, sequencers and will really get people on the dancefloor. Really makes the set move up stages and create a good feeling. Melodic and progressive trance, is a style which Paul Van Dyk DJs, not very powerful and won't really set the place on fire but can be really emotive and get that set going.

The more harder and energetic stuff really gets people moving, big long melodies and fantastic build ups really good stuff!! Artists:-Atlantis, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, System F, Blank and Jones, Thrillseakers, Members Of Mayday, Coast 2 Coast, Push, Marc Et Claude, Binary Finary, Fragma, lost Witness, Matt Darey, Planet Perfecto, Safri Duo, Storm, Warrior and York.

Hard House

Energetic, pumping-the slower verison of Hardcore but still really fast, powerful and sends the crowds into a frenzy. Not really much to say really fast beats and big basslines and massive melodies, ALL I CAN SAY IS FAST AND POWERFUL. Very popular over in the UK at the moment, big label includes Nucleuz. Artists:-Nick Sentience, BK, Lisa Pin Up, Lisa Loud, Lisa Lashes, 911, Zini and Kantini, Public Domain, Warp Brothers, Norman Bass and Mario Picotto.



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