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WWW.FindYourDJ.Com Unveils New Look.

After months of hard work, WWW.FindYourDJ.Com is proud to announce the unveiling of our new & improved website. 

Besides the new contemporary look, the website has been loaded with great new features to make the experience of both the consumer & party professional accessing our site a pleasure.

Behind the new look is a more powerful search engine to make WWW.FindYourDJ.Com  more accessible to both our consumers & party professionals. 

For our consumers, WWW.FindYourDJ.Com  has loaded the website with informative articles on Etiquette, Traditions & Superstitions, Bridal Shows, the Ceremony, the Reception, Music, a Wedding Planner, and Selecting Their Engagement Ring.  We have provided them with a link to our new Wedding Chat Message Board enabling them to share their experiences or ask questions of other brides & grooms, and lastly have provided them with a simple, one form method, for selecting the professional services they are seeking for their parties. 

For the party professional, WWW.FindYourDJ.Com will continue to e-mail job leads directly to the party professional.  The great new features we have added for you are electronic sign-up and renewal features and a hyper link feature linking WWW.FindYourDJ.Com directly to your own websites.

Lastly, WWW.FindYourDJ.Com wants you to know that now that we have completed revamping our website, we are rededicating ourselves to servicing you, the party professional, to provide you with qualified job leads to increase your business.




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