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The DJzone Crystal Disc AwardWinter NAMM 2003

Crystal Disc Awards, the Web’s largest information network for disc jockeys, announced the recipients of this year’s coveted Crystal Disc Awards. The awards are given annually to sound and lighting manufacturers whose products exhibit superior technical innovation for the mobile and club disc jockey industries.

Karl Detkin of Pioneer accepts the Crystal Disc Award for the CDJ1000The 2003 Crystal Disc for Nightclub DJ’s was awarded to the Pro Audio Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. for their CDJ1000 CD Player. “This is a landmark in creative engineering and one of the most functional tools for a club DJ since the advent of the compact disc,” said Sid Vanderpool, president of the DJZone Network. “Its use at the 2002 Winter Olympics and 2002 Grammy Awards indicates this is truly a world-class piece of gear.” Comments were made at the Crystal Disc awards ceremony held at the Winter NAMM show.

Grover Knight of Numark accepts the Crystal Disc Award for the CD Mix 2The Crystal Disc for Mobile DJ’s was awarded to Numark Industries for their CDMix-2 integrated CD player and mixer. “I have been a DJ for over 24 years and I can tell you the worst part of the business is the load in and load out,” Vanderpool said. “In 1999, Numark reacted to the pleas of weary DJ’s with their CDMix-1, a rugged and dependable piece of pro gear to make DJ’s gigs – and backs – less stressful. Numark’s latest generation of this product, the CDMix-2 includes an anti-shock buffer feature, which has made it the definitive lightweight CD solution for mobile DJ’s.”

Barry of Chauvet Lighting accepts the Crystal Disc Award for the Lazer ScanThe Crystal Disc for Lighting was awarded to Chauvet Lighting for their new Lazer Scan, a true DMX controllable green laser effect. “For many years Chauvet has been making affordable lighting designed to give DJ’s the most bang for the buck,” said Vanderpool. “They have taken effects traditionally too expensive for many DJ’s and reengineered them to fit the budget of most every disc jockey. Their Lazer Scan is one of the most exciting lighting effects I’ve seen and truly makes Chauvet the brightest star in DJ lighting today.”

Disc jockey industry leaders and nearly 60,000 registered members of the DJZone network of websites make nominations for’s annual Crystal Disc.



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