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Winter NAMM 2003 DJ Roundtable
DJ Haole- Club Editor

NAMM '03 brought many of the DJ's that represent our industry manufacturers we have grown to trust. DJ Zone brought many of these DJ's together for a short roundtable discussion about the direction our industry is turning with the introduction of digital turntables, the effects that downloading music has hurt not only the music industry, but the DJ'ing industry as well and how as DJ's we can convey to the Labels what needs to be done to turn the industry back around.

Attendance at the roundtable included Roonie G of Pioneer, 1PhatDJ and Silvio Zeppieri of Dennon, Shingo2 and DJ Icewater of Vestax, DJ Spider and myself, DJ Haole of DJ Zone. We began with by talking about the impact of the digital turntables working their way in the industry. At first when the pioneers of CD Mixing entered the industry, they were laughed at and ridiculed. 1PhatDJ has been in the mix with CDs longer than any one in the room, and talked about the days when he first hit the streets with CDs. Roonie G talked about the days that tomatoes became ketchup when he would show the worthiness of the CDJ-1000's. Now days you really can not go into a club with expecting to see a CD Player or CD Turntable in the DJ Booth. Everyone agreed that the implementation of the digital turntables into our industry has actually given our industry room to grow. And as I have mentioned before, the digital turntable brings a new media into the art of turntablism.

As our discussion progressed we worked our way into the controversial topic of downloading music. Now don't get me wrong, I will admit that we all download music. And we are all in agreement that it has had a tremendous effect on the music industry. Many of our manufacturers have designed the mp3 capable players for DJ's. This will open the door to many DJ's to flood the industry. To prevent this we will have to make our skills and experience to prevail over these DJ's that will come in to make a quick buck. The roofing industry is a great parallel to this. In the time of a major storm that causes damages to roof, all of the sudden everyone is a roofer. With the ability to download music is causing the same situation where everyone can play music and pretend to be a DJ. But the skill and experience can never be replaced.

With that said we finished by pointing out what the music industry should do to become competitive in the lives of their customers. It is obvious that kids are not going to rush out to buy a CD for that one song anymore. The labels are going to have to make their products more appealing. One such instance is using DVD's in addition to the CD at no extra cost. I have seen several artists providing DVD's with their albums. This is direct marketing to the fans, and a fantastic move. To make this point short, it is imperative that labels make the products appealing to customers using today's technology. Computers have become a common amenity in today's household so why not use it.

Over all we were all in agreement on all of the topics brought up, and look forward to watching our industry expand this year. Digital turntables and MP3 players will be the focus of sales this year, and the expansion of these will be the focus of our leaders. DJ Zone would like to thank all that attended this roundtable. We have more to come from the roundtable; this is only the beginning covering the conversations held at NAMM '03.




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