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DJzone is the first of a new breed of DJ web site. Not to be confused with or try to compete with a paper magazine the DJzone is in a world of it's own. Created as the ulimate on-line source for disc jockeys the "zone" as we like to be called welcomes any and all advertisers, articles and opinions. We plan to aggressively promote the "zone" in all forms of media including but not limited to the Internet, DJ Trade Shows and DJ related publications such as Mobile Beat and DJ Times. Our goal is to work hand in hand with all of the DJ associations in making our industry better.

Our Editor and creator is Sid Vanderpool. Sid has been on the cutting edge of marketing and promotion for the disc jockey and entertainment industry. He has spoken at numerous trade shows on marketing and has designed dozens of web sites that are currently running on the net. Sid companies include Party Professionals Online a web site directed at party planners, caterers, and brides. Music Magic Entertainment a fulltime disc jockey service company. The Wedding Helper magazine a local Idaho state publication directed at brides and grooms planning their wedding. This magazine is in it's seventh year and also has it's own web site.


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