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How to Advertise

DJzone is the worldwide leader in disc jockey news and information on the Web, and the DJzone network of Web sites reaches the most active purchasers on-line. DJzone offers advertisers access to this highly desirable audience through innovative advertising opportunities. Benefits of advertising on DJzone include the ability to:
Advertise within a quality content environment

DJzone's Web sites combine breakthrough interactive technologies with engaging content and friendly design. DJzone is the number-one on-line network used by disc jockeys everywhere. DJzone's network of sites reaches more DJ and karaoke consumers than any other on-line service.

Reach a highly desirable, DJ service-oriented audience

DJzone attracts the full spectrum of disc jockeys from mobile professionals to club jocks, from DJ company owners to DJ wannabes.

Benefit from association with the DJzone brand

Disc jockeys feel a strong affinity for DJzone. Your advertising messages benefit from appearing within an editorial environment that has strong bonds to the audience.

Take advantage of DJzone's cross-promotion at DJ conventions

DJzone's owners travel and speak at most all the DJ conventions across the country, generating awareness and attracting new users to DJzone's Web sites by promoting the most interesting features and content on the sites.

Customize your messages

DJzone offers advertisers the opportunity to target messages to a certain set of users through category-specific advertising. Such as "karaoke", "marketing your business", etc.

Get feedback
Sponsors of DJzone's Web sites get an updated click-thru log upon request. Advertisers use this log to evaluate audience response not only to their overall DJzone ad campaign but to each individual banner.

How to advertise
To find out more about advertising on DJzone's network of Web sites, please send email to advertise@DJzone.net. Please include a contact name, company name, phone number, and email address. DJzone's advertising sales staff will get in touch with you promptly.






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